Rules Summary

2022 Rules: 

Match pace: 

The matches will be fast paced in order to get them finished on time so captains will be encouraged to ensure their teams are quick between bowling and end changes, that field changes are swift, that batters don't go over the 45 second limit when getting to the crease, that batters 'chats' in the middle are kept to a minimum, any drinks don't delay play 

If batters are 'chatting' when the bowlers and umpires are ready to play the umpires will warn the batters to get a move on and if the 'chats' continue to hold up play deduct 10 runs from the batting sides total


Batches of 5 balls - 10 balls change ends - bowler can bowl 2 successive 5 ball batches from the same or different ends 

  • 100 balls - 20 max per bowler
  • 75 balls - 15 max per bowler 
  • 50 balls - 10 max per bowler 

No balls and wides re-bowled - 2 runs for both plus a free hit 

Test Match leg side wide rule applies - i.e. umpires discretion

Bowlers are allowed drinks when wickets fall providing play is not held up or when fielding on the boundary. 


30 yard Fielding circle: 

Max 3 fielders out for first 25 balls - 5 out max after that - applies regardless of length of innings

Teams with more than 11 players in their squad can rotate sub fielders anytime the bowling changes ends providing play is not held up

Sub fielders can bowl


Retire Out at 50 - no return 

Last batter standing - so 11 wickets for all out 

Batters have 45 seconds to get to the crease 

If a batter is out caught, and the batters crossed while the ball was in the air, the not out batter returns to their original end

A max of 1 player can be out lbw in each innings in the semi-finals and plate final

A max of 2 players can be out lbw in each innings in the final

Whenever a batter is given out lbw the fielding captain has 15 seconds to tactically withdraw the appeal to keep the batter in and not use up one of the lbws

Batters are allowed drinks when wickets fall providing play is not held up