2023 Award Winners and Photos

The 2023 O50s/60s awards dinner was held at The Seiners Arms Hotel on Friday October 20th

Photos below of the award winners and those presented with caps:

Friendlies XI:

  • Team Manager Player : Saf Wallace
  • Champagne Moment : Darren Williams

O70s XI:

  • Team Manager Player : Mike Conbeer
  • Champagne Moment : Paul Dawkins

O60s 2nd XI

  • Players Player: Jamie Mead
  • Captains Player: Sid Lawrence
  • Champagne Moment: Mike Jelbert

O60s 1st XI

  • Players Player: Hugh Rogers
  • Captains Player: Stuart Nye
  • Champagne Moment: Hugh Rogers

O50s 3rd XI

  • Players Player: Spencer Ham
  • Captains Player: Dave Craddock
  • Champagne Moment: Damien Trease

O50s 2nd XI

  • Players Player: Mark Southcott
  • Captains Player: Jim Maunder
  • Champagne Moment: Anton Luiten

O50s 1st XI

  • Players Player: Jared Connop
  • Captains Player: Jim McKenna
  • Champagne Moment: Steve Eddy

Geoff Husband Trophy - Bob Fleming 

Chairman's Trophy - Jon Nance

50 Caps:

  • Adrian Warne

100 Caps:

  • Trevor Lee
  • Anton Luiten (100 1st XI Matches)