Membership & Fees 2024

The membership fee for 2024 is £25.

Only those who have paid their membership fee will be considered for our O50s and O60s championship teams.

Please complete the Membership Form

You can pay the £25 online to the O50s/60s bank account: 



Make sure you put MEM and your name in the reference box

Match Fees 2024:

  • Home Matches £15
  • Away Matches £10

For away games Drivers and Passengers sort out between themselves the cost of fuel with playing passengers to pay the driver a minimum of £10.
Drivers taking the umpire or scorer to away matches pay no match fee.


Default position is no teas
Teams putting on teas need to add the cost to their match fees

Accommodation expenses:

Support for Isle of Wight match at £50 per player / official
Knockout games played outside of regional group boundaries to be considered for support if funds permit