Official Tables with the average season  points for covid cancellations for each team.


Details of promotions and relegations will be confirmed in due course.

A reminder of the relevant rules.
Rules 5.1.7 & 5.1.8 deal with Premier and promotion to County Division 1  click


For all other divisions, promotion and relegation shall be two up/two down. However, in the event of two clubs from the same section being demoted from County Division 1, both clubs shall return to their respective section (Division 2 West or Division 2 East). Three teams will then be relegated to Division 3 (East or West) as applicable, when all divisions will be regularised, in accordance with Rule 4.2. Promotions and relegations shall be 2 up and 3 down throughout the rest of that section but the opposite section shall have 3 up and 2 down in each division.

When a vacancy occurs in any division, only one team will be relegated from that division, but two teams will be promoted from the division below. If two vacancies occur, no teams will be relegated.




The Official Tables above are compiled and verified from checking of the official signed result forms each week.