Our Mission

Grow and support the numbers of volunteers within our clubs and the whole of Cornish cricket

Importance to Cornwall Cricket

Without people their is no cricket at any level! Activators and coaches provide opportunities for young people to participate in cricket, Groundskeepers provide the facilities for people to play and develop their skills in a safe space.  Umpires and scorers facilitate matches and make sure matches remain an enjoyable place and committee members govern safe and progressive club environments.

Without volunteers, clubs would decline or disappear, no coaches, there would be fewer players and the quality of cricket would fall away. Fewer trained umpires would lead to players having to facilitate games which may lead to an increase in conflict on the field of play, fewer groundskeepers, poor pitches leading to dangerous environments to play on in turn leading to a lack of enthusiasm to play. 

Volunteers make the cricket progress and Cornwall Cricket are determined to provide opportunities to develop and be involved.