Umpires & Scorers

It’s our job to recruit, train and assign umpires to run matches across the county. Umpiring is an exciting way to get right amongst the action in competitive cricket. We’re always on the lookout for new umpires, and anyone aged 14 and upwards can get involved. No previous experience is necessary, so if you’re interested in a new challenge, look at our Learn page for details of introductory courses. It could set you on the path from umpiring Cornish cricket to the Test arena.

Aims & Objectives

  1. To promote and advance the status, role, authority and influence of the Association’s umpires and scorers, individually and collectively, at all levels of the game in the County of Cornwall and in national competitions.
  2. To promote and advance the status and role of the Association’s members, individually and collectively, with any body representing the national interests of umpires and scorers.
  3. To improve, develop and sustain the standards of umpiring and scoring at all levels of Cornish cricket by:
  4. To co-operate with and to support the work of the CCB, other Cornish cricket organisations and bodies for the betterment of the game.
  5. To promote and safeguard the lawful interests and welfare  of all Association members, individually and collectively, and to advise, act on behalf of and generally support the interests of members in legal disputes and disciplinary matters directly related to their cricket activities, provided that the Association is not brought into disrepute thereby.
  6. To promote the work of scorers in Cornwall and seek to incorporate them into the CACO with, subsequently, a scorer representative being elected at the AGM to the CACO Committee to represent scorer interests.