Dynamos Intros - Supercharged by Sky Sports 2022

Dynamos Cricket Supercharged by Sky Sports returns to Cornwall in 2022.

Cornwall Cricket are running Dynamos Intros programmes in Penzance, St Austell, Camelford, Camborne and Saltash. This follows the successfull inaugural event last year at Humphry Davy School (Penzance) and Penrice Academy (St Austell) - read more here.

What is this all about?

Cornwall Cricket have been awarded with 5 free Dynamos courses in the county. This means we can have up to 120 new Dynamos participants (24 children per programme).

Who is this for and when, where and how do we book?

Children between the ages of 8-11 who maybe would not usually have the option for a paid for offer. The sessions will be during the final summer school term. The host locations, where the sessions will be ran from are Secondary Schools: 

  • Humphry Davy School (Penzance) - SOLD OUT
  • Penrice Academy (St Austell) - SOLD OUT
  • Sir James Smith's Community School (Camelford) - SOLD OUT
  • Camborne Science & International Academy (Camborne) - SOLD OUT
  • Saltash Community School (Saltash) - SOLD OUT

See and hear more about Dynamos Intros Supercharged by Sky Sports right here!

Chris Anderson

Chris Anderson

School Development Officer