Bursary Programmes 2023

Cornwall Cricket are very excited to announce a free cricket summer programme called All Stars  and Dynamos Intros.

All Stars (for 5-8 yr olds) and Dynamos Intros (for 8-11 year olds) are specifically designed for disadvantaged children who wouldn't necessarily have this opportunity if it were a 'paid-for' offer (e.g. children who qualify for Free School Meals) or those struggling with the current cost of living crisis.  

Venues, programmes and booking details are below:


Penzance Cricket Club - from 6th June (CLOSED)

Direct Booking Link:  https://ecb.clubspark.uk/Dynamos/BookCourse/9cc8a467-2196-4aa7-b66d-0d32219c6d1b

Promotion Code: 9F9V9F (enter at checkout to for £0 cost) 


Treloweth School - from 12th June (CLOSED)

Direct Booking Link:  https://ecb.clubspark.uk/AllStars/BookCourse/0f89e8ce-9d77-45a8-8f75-9390ddb6a238

Promotion Code:  J4UML6 (enter at checkout to for £0 cost) 


Rosemellin School - from 12th June (CLOSED)

Direct Booking Link:  https://ecb.clubspark.uk/Dynamos/BookCourse/dcb5334c-8c5a-4553-ad29-d971414a6616

Promotion Code:  LVAXTH (enter at checkout to for £0 cost)


St Austell Cricket Club - from 3rd July (CLOSED)

Direct Booking Link:  https://ecb.clubspark.uk/Dynamos/BookCourse/dab9c53d-f4bc-408b-a97c-cabd47da56f3

Promotion Code:  TXYCZZ (enter at checkout to for £0 cost)


Liskeard Cricket Club - from 13th July (CLOSED)

Direct Booking Link:  https://ecb.clubspark.uk/AllStars/BookCourse/750f7273-59bf-4d9f-a74e-698db2c7a793

Promotion Code:  XWUBUA (enter at checkout to for £0 cost)


Falmouth Cricket Club - from 18th July (CLOSED)

Direct Booking Link:  https://ecb.clubspark.uk/AllStars/BookCourse/dad06cb6-b5eb-46b4-b140-a11f44580a75

Promotion Code:  U9VC6M (enter at checkout to for £0 cost)


Wadebridge Cricket Club - from 27th July (CLOSED)

Direct Booking Link:  https://ecb.clubspark.uk/Dynamos/Course/03c0ad9c-0c95-431d-b9c5-0139740b9ec3

Promotion Code:  X7X89T (enter at checkout to for £0 cost)


Callington Cricket Club - from 31st July (CLOSED)

Direct Booking Link:  https://ecb.clubspark.uk/Dynamos/BookCourse/15715e06-e746-4a65-9035-e670c31ae753

Promotion Code:  SVVHRB (enter at checkout to for £0 cost)