Director of Finance

The next year is a vital, but it is also an exciting opportunity for Cornwall Cricket. Cornwall Cricket is currently a Ltd Company, but has recently decided to pursue becoming a Charitable Incorporated Company (CIO). The current strategy has become redundant, resulting in the need to complete the next strategy for the next period of time and we also need to become financially sustainable or less reliant on the ECB, becoming a CIO will help us achieve this vision. 

As Director of Finance, you will be responsible for providing effective financial governance and leadership to the Board of Directors of Cornwall Cricket. You will define and drive financial operations, processes and sustainability of our organisational vision. This includes financial matters such as budgeting, project planning, reporting and forecasting. In the event of becoming a CIO, the position will be responsible for reporting to the Charities Commission and managing the financial processes aligned with being a CIO, e.g. Gift Aid.

The role of the Director of Finance at Cornwall Cricket is:

  • Manage Cornwall Cricket Boards finances and report to the Board bimonthly and at the General Meetings.
  • To annual report to Companies House, or Charities Commission dependent on structure.
  • To work with the payroll and audit provider annually.
  • To work with the CCB Bookkeeper monthly to support budgeting and reporting.
  • To support Cornwall Cricket’s delivery of the financial strategy for cricket in Cornwall.
  • To support the financial sustainability of Cornwall Cricket.
  • To Chair the Finance Committee of the Board and be responsible for setting the agenda on a bi-monthly basis in accordance to the CPA Strategy and Risk and Opportunities for CCB.
  • To be an active member of the People Governance and Risk CCB Sub Committee.
  • Strategically review the financial processes and policies and advise where needed.
  • To work with the Managing Director and bookkeeper on developing, managing and maintaining annual budget for Cornwall Cricket Board.
  • To work with the ECBs financial team annually.
  • To support the Cornwall Cricket Professional Staff responsible for delivering the financial strategy, budgeting and financial processes, in particular the: Managing Director Pathway Manager Cricket Centre Manager Development and maintain a sustainable business plan for Cornwall Cricket Centre
  • Support the member organisations with their processes and financial systems.

If you are interested in the role and would like to find out more, please request a copy of the brochure from Joe Skinner (contact below)

Deadline for Applications is: 30th June 2024 

Candidate Brochure

Application Form

Please submit applications to Joe Skinner, email below


NED Marketing, Communications and Fundraising

Do you have the knowledge and skills to be part of Cornwall Cricket Senior Leadership team and become a NED Director with a portfolio for Marketing, Communications and Fundraising?

Would you like to lead the strategy for Cornwall Cricket in Marketing, Communications and Fundraising, supporting the professional staff and member organisations in delivering the strategy?

If so then this role would for you!

Position Responsibilities

  • To Chair the Fundraising Communications and Marketing committee to the Board and be responsible for setting the Agenda on a bi-monthly basis in accordance with the CPA Strategy and Risk and Opportunities for CCB.

  • The ability to support the organisation to build a long-term plan for the development of the organisation’s brand 

  • To Lead and support the implementation of Cornwall Cricket Board’s fundraising marketing and communications strategy.

  • To work with external partners where appropriate to develop opportunities.

  • To have a leading role in overseeing systems and methods for fundraising and communication to raise our profile within Cornwall.

  • To support the Cornwall Cricket Professional Staff responsible for delivering the strategy.  

    • Managing Director

    • Fundraising Communications and Marketing Officer.

  • Support Member Organisations with their processes and programmes

    • To support Cornwall Cricket Youth

    • To support Cornwall Cricket Women & Girls’

    • To support Cornwall Cricket Performance

For more information please see the complete job description

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