The Board

The Cornwall Cricket Board was formed in on 26 March 1996 and brought together all the cricketing bodies in the County under one umbrella.

The following groups are represented and send one member to the Board as Representatives: County Club, Cornwall Cricket League, Officials, Youth League, Groundsmen and Women.

In May 2020 the Cornwall Cricket Board and its Member Organisations were formed, the CCB Executive become the Cornwall Cricket Board and with the Member Organisations became the Cricket Board with Member Organisations. The Cornwall Cricket Board meet on a monthly basis while the Board of Member Organisations meets at least four times throughout the year.

The Cornwall Cricket Board is responsible for the day to day running of the business of cricket, and its member organisations are responsible for delivering their elements of the County Partnership plan. Cornwall Cricket collectively produced a new plan in March 2020 which was approved by the ECB for delivery. The Cricket Board along with the Professional Staff and the countless volunteers are responsible for delivering the success of the plan which concludes in 2024.