Primary School Competitions

Our schools competition offer has grown significantly over the last few years . We now offer both secondary and primary events.

Primary Cricket Competition Offer

Primary Countdown Cricket Events:

  • U11 Hardball Competition
  • Year 6 Mixed
  • Year 6 Girls
  • Year 5 Mixed
  • Year 4 Mixed
  • Year 3 Mixed
  • Year 1 & 2 indoor continuous cricket & outdoor rapid fire skills festivals

What is Countdown Cricket?

Countdown Cricket is a simplified version of cricket where the number of balls left in the innings are counted down from 60 (in the case of Dynamos Cricket) so everyone knows how long is left in the game.  The team with the most runs wins. The match can be scored on an app to make the whole process easier.

What is Continuous Cricket?

Continuous cricket is an age-old game that keeps players moving. The game develops fielding skills and encourages thoughtful placing of the ball by the batter. STRIKING & FIELDING. Continuous cricket. A ball is bowled underarm to a batter who hits the ball and runs between 2 wickets.

What is Rapid Fire?

An innings consists of 1 turn per batsman for each 5 payers in a team. On their turn, the batter will hit 5 balls from batting tees, towards the fielding line (they may not hit the balls backwards). Once they have hit all 5 balls, they start to run around 2 set of stumps. Fielders must not move until the 5th ball has been hit. The felding team then retrieve the balls and place them back on the batting tees before running back behind the fiedling line and shouting rapid fire. This the end of that batters turn. Once all 5 have batted, the total number of runs between the stumps is what the next team have to beat.

Which schools are eligible?

Countdown Cricket competitions run in Cornwall are open to state or private primary schools throughout the county.

Secondary Cricket Competition Offer

Secondary School Winter Cricket Events

  • U15 Boys Indoor Cricket
  • U15 Girls Indoor Cricket
  • U13 Boys Indoor Cricket
  • U13 Girls Indoor Cricket
  • Year 7 Boys Indoor Cricket
  • Year 7 Girls Indoor Cricket

Secondary School Summer Cricket Events

  • U15 Girls Chance to Compete Softball Festival
  • U13 Girls Chance to Compete Softball Festival
  • Year 7 Girls Chance to Compete Softball Festival
  • Year 7 Boys Chance to Compete Softball Festival
  • U13 Girls Hardball Cup
  • Hardball Cup - U13 boys, U13 girls & U15 Boys

All secondary school cricket competitions are open to both state and private schools across the County.

For more information on any schools cricket competition, including how to enter, please contact Michelle Kent:

Michelle Kent

Michelle Kent

Administrator / Project Manager / Schools Competitions