CCL Clubs vote for 10 Team Divisions in 2025

Result of the e-postal Ballot April 2024


Following the wettest winter on record the Bond Timber Cornwall Cricket League's start to the season, for the second successive year, has been decimated. Having had a run of four dry Aprils 2023 saw only five of 62 opening-day fixtures played. The spring preparation for groundskeepers in 2024 has been even worse. The LMC is concerned at the recent trend and feels that this is unsustainable in the long run putting unnecessary strain on grounds and grounds volunteers, and inconsistent rearrangements could undermine the integrity of divisions. Following two LMC meetings in early April 2024 it was agreed to conduct a formal e-postal ballot regarding the format of the League for 2025.  It was agreed to conclude the ballot by 30th April so any changes for the 2025 season can be implemented with clubs aware of any implications during the 2024 season.



League Rule 1.4.8 allows for a formal e-postal ballot to take place at any time between 1st February and 31st October each year at the sole discretion of the LMC, who shall propose the issue or issues to form the subject of the e-postal ballot. For a proposal that affects all divisions of the CCL, each Club shall have one league team - one vote; two or more League teams - two votes. By arranging such a ballot before the start of the season the outcome will apply to the 2025 season as clubs are aware of the consequences during the 2024 season.


The online e-ballot had three options for the 2025 season.

Clubs to list their preference ranked in order 1-2-3.

Clubs with 2 or more teams were allocated 2 votes, and 1 team was allocated 1 vote.

Rule 1.4.8 (viii) Any ballot paper that is received after midnight on the return date will be invalid.

Rule 1.4.8 (v)   A simple majority of those voting and eligible to vote shall suffice for each issue to be carried.


To enable a majority the ‘Alternative Vote system’ was used.

If one of the three options receives more than 50% of the first-choice votes available that option will be carried.

In the event of none of the three options reaching 50% of votes available, the least popular option will be removed from the ballot and those that voted for this will have their second choice votes transferred to the remaining two options to produce a majority winner.


The ballot opened at 21:30 on Wednesday 10th April 2024 and closed at 23:59 on Tuesday 30th April 2024.


Turnout 100%                    All 67 Clubs cast their ballot within the timeframe.

The first ballot was received at 21.46.05                 on 10th April

The 67th ballot was received at 23.25.14                on 30th April


The Result

The electorate was made up of 67 clubs - 19 x 1 team, 48 x 2 or more Teams = 115 Votes Available


Club’s First Choices:

Ballot Result
  Votes % Clubs
Option 1 – The Status Quo  - 12 Teams & No Bank Holidays 44 38.26% 23
Option 2 – Ten Team Divisions 62 53.91% 39
Option 3 – Play on Bank Holidays  -  12 Teams    9   7.83%     5


Summary             by Votes - 54% in favour of 10 Teams and 46% in favour of 12 Teams


                                by Clubs - 58% in favour of 10 Teams and 42% in favour of 12 Teams


Option 2 – Ten Team Divisions is carried by a clear majority of 53.91% of votes


Breakdown of Votes





Michael Weeks BEM

Michael Weeks BEM

Cornwall Cricket League Hon. Secretary