Cornish School Collaborates with Cornwall Cricket Board for a Festive Spin on '12 Days of Christmas

Young voices echoed through Biscovey Academy as students teamed up with the Cornwall Cricket Board for a unique rendition of the classic "12 Days of Christmas." This spirited adaptation infused the holiday tune with a cricket-themed twist, celebrating local icons like the "nearly home trees" and indulging in the beloved Cornish tradition of Cream Teas.

Crafted in under two weeks by Cornwall Cricket Board's Chris Anderson, Schools and Development Officer, alongside Marketing and Fundraising Officer Tamsin Chapman-Gunner, the song bore an unmistakable Cornish flair. Despite the tight timeline, Biscovey Academy eagerly embraced the initiative, swiftly learning and performing the revamped song within a few short hours.

Tamsin said: “We can not thank Biscovey Academy’s Choir enough for performing this for us. They have done such an amazing job in such a short space of time. Thank you also to teachers Rob Wallbank and Simon Kestle for organising the choir at what is a busy time of year for them. We are delighted with the song and I am sure we will be using it for years to come.”

Managing Director Joe Skinner Added: “Biscovey Academy have always been a great supporter of cricket and we thank them and their outstanding choir for their support. It’s always so special to see and hear in this instance, children do so well and this rendition puts a smile on your face! Epitomises what cricket and this season is all about. Many thanks to Rob Wallbank and his team for working with us on this lovely activity.”

Cornwall Cricket Board is committed to providing individuals aged 5 and above with the chance to immerse themselves in the sport throughout the county. Serving as the official governing body for cricket in Cornwall, it fosters a love for the game among both adults and children.

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