Cornwall Cricket on the Isles of Scilly

Cornwall Cricket enjoyed a fantastic few days on the beautiful Isles of Scilly delivering enjoyable cricket sessions at the fabulous Five Islands Academy. Although the weather was indifferent at times this ‘didn’t stop play’ as we were able to move from the brilliant multi use games area (MUGA) into the excellently roomy indoor sports area.

During our short though eventful time we were able to bat, bowl and field with most of the school pupils from Year 1 all the way to a cracking year 10 ‘Leaders’ session. We even managed to squeeze in two after school clubs which were wonderfully full with plenty of activity and fun!

Our purpose was simply to enthuse, understand and help develop cricket within the Islands with particular focus on the youth. It was clear from the first moment that there is already an immense interest and capability within cricket (in fact, sport in general!). We were able to boost from an already high platform! Also, we believe that by getting the 'ball rolling' by training half a dozen National Programme Activators (All Stars and Dynamos) that this will certainly assist with more youngsters being active with cricket in the future.

A huge thanks to all who helped make this an enjoyable and great success!

Here is a short video of our wonderful time: