Cornwall Cricket Appoint a Disability Development Officer

Cornwall Cricket would like to introduce you to David Painter, our new Disability Development Officer. 

David is working for us on a part-time basis, to deliver the Lords Taverners Super 1s and Table Cricket programmes along with the ECB's Champion Club programmes on an annual basis. 

The aim is to get more people active within cricket in the community and with in the club network. Ultimately we will be looking to develop participation opportunities in Super 1 hubs, a competition structure, more Champion Clubs and an elite pathway.

David Painter has stated, that he is, 'looking forward to establishing the Lord's Taverners Super 1's and Table Cricket in Cornwall and encouraging clubs to have Disability Cricket as part of their programme.'

'This is a vital move for Cornwall and one that will certainly open options for people to participate in Disability Cricket.  Before this investment from the Lords Taverners and the ECB we did not have the finance or capacity to deliver such a comprehensive accessible programme, now we do, which is exciting for Cornwall. We are xtreamly grateful to but the Lords Taverners and the ECB for the Investment.' Joe Skinner, Chief Cricket Officer

To make contact with David, please email [email protected]