ECB Guidance - Move to Step 4

The latest Step 4 Government guidance and what this means for cricket clubs and all activity across the County.

Clearly there is a growth in transmission rates across Cornwall and further afield, so with all this please remain cautious and maintain good hygiene practices.  

Keeping our participants safe remains a key focus. The ECB have tried to strike the balance of confirming what activities are permissible under the Government guidance, with a note of caution. 

Please remember there remains a lot of people out there who have increased anxiety surrounding Covid, whilst others feel fine, so empathy is needed and a balance needed with easing and maintaining some practices. 

We know cricket remains a safe socially distanced sport and with the spike in the numbers of people having to self-isolate, a key focus for us is keeping as many people enjoying our game as safely as possible.  There have been a number of games, both youth and adult compromised by positive Covid cases in the last three to four weeks in Cornwall, and this is set to increase due to moving to Step 4. We would encourage good communication within and between clubs and the CCL and CCB where cases have been identified.

There is an infographic to support your club's understanding of the current guidance.