Recruitment Policy

Policy brief & purpose

Cornwall Cricket Board Ltd Employee/Director recruitment and selection policy describes our process for attracting and selecting external job candidates and volunteer Executive and Non-Executive Directors for Cornwall Cricket Board (CCB). This recruitment policy serves as a rubric that our recruiters and hiring managers can use to create an effective hiring process.

Cornwall Cricket Board are committed to our safeguarding and equal opportunity policy at every selection stage. The personnel responsible for recruitment will conduct a well-planned and discrimination free hiring process.


This recruitment and selection policy applies to all volunteers and employees who are involved in recruiting for CCB. It refers to all potential job candidates, professional and volunteer roles.

Policy elements

What is the recruitment and selection process?
Hiring teams could go through the following steps:

  • Identify need for an opening
  • Decide whether to hire externally or internally
  • Review the job description and compose a job advert
  • Select appropriate sources (external or internal) for posting the opening
  • Decide on the selection stages and possible timeframe
  • Post the opening (advert) with the CCB Job Application form; Website, Social Media, ECB, newsletter.
  • Source passive candidates (those who we may feel should apply)
  • Shortlist applications using a minimum of two and not more than three CCB representatives.
  • A minimum of one individual on the Nominations sub-committee to have completes Safer Recruitment Training.
  • Proceed through all selection stages
  • Run background and reference checks where permission given prior to interview
  • Select the most suitable candidate(s) for interview
  • Make an offer of interview by email asking for acceptance
  • Stages may overlap. Hiring managers may remove/add steps as appropriate. The first five stages are mandatory in every hiring process.

Posting jobs internally

When hiring for a position/role CCB can post a job opening internally before starting to recruit external candidates. If CCB decide to post internally, we will:

  • Set a deadline for internal applications
  • Communicate their opening through newsletters, emails, word-of-mouth.
  • Once deadline has passed advertise externally

Job advert and role descriptor

Each role requires a comprehensive role description with associated role advert. Role descriptors should include:

  • CCB branded paper
  • Title of the role, with associated salary, contract type and benefits
  • A brief description of our company and mission
  • The CCB Safeguarding statement
  • An accurate summary of the role’s purpose
  • An accurate list of all responsibilities
  • A list of requirements
  • How and who to apply too (Deadline for application)
  • Job adverts should be clear, concise and accurately represent the open position. They should be supported with accessibility to the job description.

Advert to include:

  • The title of the role
  • A short summary of the role’s purpose
  • A brief list of responsibilities and direct the candidate to the associated JD
  • Who are we looking for, link to the associated JD
  • How and who to apply too

The job adverts style should be consistent with our company’s unique voice. It should be addressed to ‘you’ in a polite and engaging tone. Jargon, complicated phrases and gender-specific language should be avoided.

Employee selection stages

Recruitment of Professional Employees – Specifics

CCB has a standard hiring process that may be slightly amended according to a role’s requirements. Our standard process involves:

  • Follow the recruitment process as listed above.
  • A Nominations Sub-Committee as per application screening, to include three people. (Chief Cricket Officer and two others (members of the Cornwall Cricket Board Executive) or other professional staff.)
  • A minimum of one individual on the nominations sub-committee to have attended and completed safer recruitment training.

Recruitment of Directorships – Specifics

  • For the recruitment of Directors, the Nominations Sub-Committee to consist of the Chief Cricket Officer, one of either a Non-Executive Chair/Director or an existing Director. The nominations sub-committee must also have a representative from the associated Member Organisation aligned to the advertised Directorship, ideally the Chair or a nominated committee member.
  • It is the responsibility of the Nominations Sub Committee to nominate Volunteers for Directorships at the CCB AGM annually.
  • The Nominations sub-committee can nominate one person, or a number to be determined for vote at the next CCB AGM.
  • In the event of one person being nominated, CCB Meetings have the ability to vote at the next meeting to place the named person as Acting until the next CCB AGM, where an official vote will take place.
  • In the event of all nominations being rejected by the CCB and Member Organisations at the AGM the Nominations Sub Committee must start the process of recruitment again.
  • There will be no requests for nominations on the night of the AGM.

The Nominations Sub Committee will:

  • Review all applications using a score sheet, to confirm appropriateness for the position
  • Invite Directors into interview
  • Conduct an interview which will follow a structured interview process

Conducting an Interview

The interview process can be flexible depending on the type of role the applicant is being asked to deliver.  However, if the job role requires coaching, then it would be expected that the interview included some form of practical coaching session.

An interview should include:

  • Three people as mentioned above.
  • Welcome message and outline of the role.
  • Ask questions relating to the role descriptor and application only.
  • Allow time for the candidate to ask the panel questions.
  • Panel members to make notes (score sheet) on the answers (these to be handed in to the panel lead post the interview for storage).
  • Allow time at the end of the interview to discuss interviewee.
  • After all interviews have be conducted, a review of all candidates is to be undertaken.
  • Conclude on each candidate and identify a candidate to offer the role with associated timeframe for communication.
  • If a CCB Director, the panel to confirm to each candidate the process of taking to CCB AGM with timeframes.
  • Seek confirmation of acceptance of the candidates to proceed into the role or to vote if CCB Director.

Interview feedback

The nominations sub-committee should always inform candidates they interviewed that they decided to reject them. Leaving candidates in the dark can be damaging to our employer brand.

Also, we encourage hiring managers to provide interview feedback to candidates. This can be done verbally or via email. However, be brief, respectful and keeping feedback job-related are the general rules for giving feedback to candidates.

Revoked offers

In case when a formal offer has to be revoked, the hiring manager should draft and sign an official document. This document should include a legitimate reason for revoking the offer. Legitimate reasons include:

  • Candidate is proved to not be legally allowed to work for our company at a specific location
  • Candidate has falsified references or otherwise lied about a serious issue
  • Candidate doesn’t accept the offer within the specified deadline (deadline must have been included in the offer letter)

Hiring managers must notify the candidate formally as soon as possible.