Cornwall Cricket Support Fund for National Programmes

Cornwall Cricket Board wants everyone to be included and actively involved in picking up a bat and ball, especially in the National Programmes, All Stars and Dynamos Cricket.

All Stars for 5-8 year olds and Dynamos for 8-11 year olds. All Stars is the starting point, so if you have not played before, join here. Dynamos is for children who have played before and want to be challenged in playing the game.

Under the current state of the world we have become aware that a barrier to participation for some is affordability especially where there may be more than one child.

To support families who find it challenging to afford the registration fee, Cornwall Cricket have set up in partnership with the Cornwall Cricket Trust and Velocity Trading  a support fund. 

So, if you want to sign up to one or both of the National programmes, All Stars and Dynamos Cricket but have children on FREE school meals or have access to Pupil Premium, then you can get support from this fund.

To access the fund, you will need to complete this form. Once we have access to your contact details a member of Cornwall Cricket staff will confidentially make contact with you to assess need.

You will be required to evidence the fact that you have access to free school meals or on Pupil Premium showing a letter from your school, on headed paper from the head teacher. Please send this letter via email to

Upon making contact we will register for you with you on the phone providing us with the relevant questions, such as shirt, bat size, suggested name on the shirt (Dynamos) etc.

No money will be paid to you, but Cornwall Cricket should you require financial support will pay the fee on your behalf.

This funding is only available for people who genuinely need support.

There is limited funds available at this present time, but we endeavour to generate more funds to benefit more people.

For more information on the clubs in Cornwall please look here:

NOTE: If you have already registered for All Stars or Dynamos Cricket then you are not able to access this fund.