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Cricket Centre Pricing

Summary of Charges for the Cricket Hall and Nets
Product 1st April - 31st August 1st September - 31st December 1st January to 30th April
Net Hire £12 £15 £20
Whole Hall £56 £60 £80
Bola Machine (per machine) £10 £10 £10
Bola Induction (1st Time user) £5 £5 £5
1-2-1 Coaching per hour £35 £35 £35
Group Coaching per hour £60 £60 £60 









Book The Centre


News from the Cricket Centre Manager - August 2021:

I am currently working on the Anytime Booking System in back office mode (blocking off the use of the centre for Cornwall Cricket Board use) but I am happy to take requests from individuals and clubs on the attached booking form and I will deal with each request as they come in.This includes the net hire facility and room hire.

Autumn 2021 Booking Form


The online booking will go LIVE once I have finalised bookings in the back office - watch this space.


You will also be able to look at a glance what activities are on the centre by looking at the calendar: