Foundation Stage

This stage is for players under the age of 13 and is very much for giving players enjoyment and experience within the game in a variety of formats. It is also for players to understand what the game looks like, what they are required to do and ensuring we are doing that in a relaxed and enjoyable environment.

Building good habits and solid basics of the game, finding out what players are capable of physically, technically and tactically, giving them experience of different roles within a team and understanding what aspects are required.

This stage will include under 11 development and a Under 13 county age group team.

There will be three main phases to this stage:

  1. Winter training programme
  2. Internal development games - game activity in a number of different formats , rules are flexible to ensure player development is maximised, examples of this implementation may be to support players having to problem solve and create extra challenge or success within a specific area, e.g.. slips in place or specific number of fielders on the boundary to create gaps in the field, bonus runs scoring zones etc...

For under 13's there will be County Age Group fixtures against other counties.

  1. Under 13 County Age Group development fixtures - a selected group of players from the previous phases will be invited to take part in a number of fixtures against other counties in a mixture of adjusted and conventional games