Development Stage

This stage is for players within the under 15 age range. There will be a greater emphasis on players understanding their own game and being able to introduce and develop more complex aspects specific to them.

Players starting to settle into roles within a team and developing the skills needed within that role. Developing confidence and character to positively influence a game through skill/ability, decision making and gaining experience to be learnt from.

Introducing and developing skills they will need at the next stage and understanding when they are ready to implement into game situations.

This stage will have three phases within it, the number of players used will become smaller as we progress through the phases.

  1. Winter training opportunities
  2. Early season internal development games - these will be used for players to develop their skills from the winter training environment to outdoor game situations. There will be a range of formats used through this phase to challenge a range of skills the players will require and to enhance their game understanding in a number of formats.
  3. External county age group games - Many of these will take the form of ECB league fixtures. Skill development is imperative at this phase, the importance attached to the result increases as players gain understanding of their role within the team and how their performance can influence the game.