Safeguarding Courses

Introduction to Safeguarding 

Introduction to Safeguarding
The ECB has also launched a new ‘Introduction to Safeguarding’ course for all individuals, regardless of their role, in the game. This free course is available for everyone involved in cricket. You, and everybody at your club, is invited by the ECB to complete this online training, It aims to provide basic knowledge and advice in creating a safe cricket environment for everyone, recognising signs of abuse, what to do if you have any concerns or if you are approached by anyone with concerns that they may have. CCB encourages anyone who wishes to gains some skills and confidence in this important area to click on the link and complete this course. Any questions about the content can be referred to club safeguarding officers or Sarah Fox.
This training is free to access and should take around 30 minutes to complete and is accessible on a laptop, tablet or mobile
phone. You can access it via the ECB website - Here

Safeguarding for Specialist Roles

The ECB has just launched a course ‘Safeguarding for Specialist Roles’ (SSR). This is designed to replace Safeguarding Young Cricketers (SYC) and will support individuals in cricket who require safeguarding training as a result of their key role (if you are unsure about which roles are included, please ask). When individuals are newly appointed to key roles or when SYC requires renewal (3 years from completion of the original course), the new course will be completed as follows:
 ‘Safeguarding for Specialist Roles’ is made up of a general 60-minute module, suitable for everybody, whatever their role in cricket and four shorter bolt-on modules:
•Safeguarding for Coaches and Activators
•Safeguarding for Captains and Team Managers
•Safeguarding for Umpires and Scorers
•Safeguarding for Committee Members & Club Safeguarding Officers

Everyone required to complete the old SYC will be invited to complete the general one-hour module, followed by the shorter module(s) that best reflects their role. Individuals are welcome to complete all four bolt-on modules if they wish.
If you have any issues accessing the course, please email [email protected]. Please note those who have already undertaken SYC, SSR, or other safeguarding training in their roles such as Coaches and Safeguarding Officers are not required to complete this course, although anyone may do so if they wish.

Club Safeguarding Officers (CSO)

As a CSO you are required to have three levels of qualification listed below.

  • Safeguarding for Specific Roles (SSR)  - This is an online free course - Book here  
  • ECB Safehands Course - This is a face to face 3 hours course that will be run during February and March annually
  • A valid ECB DBS 

'Safe Hands' is the required workshop for all Club Safeguarding Officers and seeks to ensure that each club is aware of the role of the Club Safeguarding Officer within the framework of child protection and making clubs a welcome, safe and friendly place for children and young people.

The course will cover core legislation and government guidance, as well as providing the opportunity to share experiences and good practice with other Club Safeguarding Officers from across the county.

Every Club Safeguarding Officer must attend this course and it must be renewed every three years.

CSO Safehands - Upcoming courses

Face to face safe hands courses at the Cricket Centre in 2024:

Tuesday 6th February 

The cost for the course is £30, as a club safeguarding officer you need to attend 1 of the safe hands courses.