Player Behaviour

Cornwall Cricket is committeed to providing an enjoyable experience for people of all ages and abilities the opportunity to play cricket and enjoy it.

Cricket as a game has qualities that few others have, such as the 'Spirit of Cricket' the unwritten rule of behaviour, such as respect for others, yourself and the environment you play in, and honesty, admitting when taking a clean catch or not as the case may be, walking when you've hit the ball and congratulating opposition batters and bowlers when they have had success. All of which are virtues we value in society, cricket provides these in abundance and we need to uphold them to educate the next generation. 

The Laws and the Spirit of Cricket are there to ensure that all 22 players and officials enjoy a game that, although played competitively, is always played fairly.

Whatever your role in the game, you have a responsibility to ensure that the Laws and Spirit of the game are upheld. Cricket does not, and can not affors to tolerate any form of poor player behaviour. Poor behaviour in sport is one of the resons families and young people are turned off playing competitve sport. We can address this and uphold the Spirit of Cricket through personal responsibility. 

Player Behaviour Online Tool

ECB have developed an easy to use online tool to take you through the introduction of Law 41 Unfair Play and Law 42 Player Conduct.

Have a look and have a go, see what you think it will help!