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CSCA Constitution

  1. The name of the Association shall be the CORNWALL SCHOOLS’ CRICKET ASSOCIATION
  2. The aims of the Association shall be:
    (a)   The development if all aspects of cricket at school level throughout the County.
    (b)   To promote the playing of inter-county matches.
    (c)   To work for the provision of proper facilities for cricket in Cornwall.
    (d)   To work with the Cornwall Coaches Association for the provision of coaching sessions.
  3. Membership of the Association shall be open to all schools in the County.
  4. All member schools should pay Affiliation Fees to the Association as determined at the  Annual General Meeting.
  5. All the Officers of the Association shall be elected at the Annual General Meeting.
  6. The Executive Committee of the Association shall consist of the Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Secretary,  Treasurer,  Assistant Secretaries,  Safeguarding Officer, Managers,  Assistant Managers and representatives of the Cornwall Cricket Association, the Coaches Association and the Local  Education Authority.
  7. The Executive Committee shall meet as necessary during the year to discuss the business of the Association.
  8. Senior Vice-Presidents of the Association may be elected by a motion duly passed at the Annual General Meeting.  Such elections shall be for those who have rendered meritorious service to cricket in Cornwall.
  9. The Annual General Meeting shall be held in November each year.
  10. The financial year shall run from 1st November to 31st October.
  11. The Business of the Annual General Meeting shall include:-
    (a)   An Annual Report by the Secretary.
    (b)   An Annual Statement of Account by the Treasurer.
    (c)   A consideration of changes in the rules of the Association.
    (d)   The election of the Officers of the Association.
    (e)   The determination of Affiliation Fees.
    (f)   The discussion of Any Other Business.
  12.  An Emergency General Meeting shall be held within 21 days following written request to  the Secretary by 10  Member Schools.  Seven Schools shall form a quorum at such an  Emergency General Meeting.