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Cornwall Youth Club Cricket

The Formats?

Cornwall Cricket will be playing the following formats in 2019

  • Star Strike U9 softball Cricket (ECB Format)
  • U10 Softball Cricket (ECB Format)
  • U10 Hardball Cricket (ECB Format)
  • U12 Softball Cricket (ECB Format)
  • U12 Hardball Cricket (ECB Format)
  • U13 Softball (CCB but following the ECB U12 Format)
  • U13 Hardball, including the National KO competition
  • U15 Hardball, including the National KO competition

junior-cricket-format-guidelines –  The ECB have produced the guidelines on the formats, rules, especially the pitch set up for the U9, 10, 12 cricket formats.

Change in Philosophy!

It is vital that all children irrespective of ability have the opportunity to participate in matches, so the philosophy is very much about participation rather then performance and the elite, best players a club has. This has been the focus for previous years, especially when there is a league to win.

Cornwall Cricket have decided to get rid of the area/district league structure and welcome clubs to arrange fixtures against like minded and similar ability clubs to create the best challenge and competition.  Clubs need to understand their players and talk to the opposing clubs to determine strength and ability, then put out the right side. We have a duty to keep players playing and we feel that by being open and allowing flexibility to fixtures and play cricket based on ability we will keep more players playing for longer, which gives clubs a greater chance of seeing players migrating into adult cricket.

Regions or Not 2018?

Cornwall Cricket Board have split the County in to three areas, excitingly named West, Mid and East. You can see the youth Map here. CYCA Youth Map to find out where your club sits.

The areas have been split for a administration and a potential District formats moving forwards, only.  Club are allowed to arrange fixtures across borders where they feel this is right for them. So in essence there are no borders or District Youth Leagues as a consequence.

Fixtures 2018

Cornwall Cricket will be holding three fixture setting meetings annually, around March, to allow clubs to come and discuss with all other clubs what they would like and when. This will follow an annual application process where teams and contacts of managers will be sort.

Clubs are then asked to confirm their set fixtures to an area representative, who will oversee that cricket is being played and results are coming in.

The Volunteer Area Representatives are:

WEST – Andrew Pascoe (St Just CC)

MID – Hannah Matthews (Grampound Rd CC)

EAST –  Alan Sedgley (Menheniot CC)

The U13 and U15 National KO Competition will be organised and communicated out to clubs by the CCB professional Staff, by the end of March each year.


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Fixtures:     Duchy U11-U13-U15 2017       Penwith U11-U13-U15 2017

Kernow U11-U13 and Kernow & Tamar U15 2017       Tamar YCL Fixtures 2017

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Chairman: Vacant [Joe Skinner CDM is standing in]
From CCL: Stuart Wilder
Vice Chairman: Vacant

Secretary: Mark Williams (TBC at AGM)

Treasurer: Chris Leathley


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At the end of the 2001 season the Cornwall Youth Cricket League was formed, in line with ECB national strategies that a countywide organisation be formed. Previously youth cricket in the county had been divided east and west. A Mid Cornwall League was founded by Ed Leverton  in the 1970’s with an eastern section added by 1980. Callington’s Ian Pemberton becoming an official that lasted for 23 years until the disbandment in 2001. The League  was retitled in 1993 as the East Cornwall Youth Cricket League.

In the West the Falmouth & District Under 16 League was formed in 1961 with Constantine’s A Wiliams the secretary and Charlie Hawke the Treasurer. Tom Pascoe, followed by Mark Mitchell. took on the secretarial duties. Hazel Hawke became treasurer following her husband’s death with Beacon’s Michael Weeks taking over the books in 1984. Troon’s Jack Angove became President and Truro’s Peter Grant the Chairman. During the late seventies a Senior Clubs Under 16 League was started and when this disbanded in 1990 the Falmouth & District League was expanded and renamed the West Cornwall Under 16 Cricket League. In 1986 the West Cornwall Under 13 Youth Cricket League was iniated by Donald Hollow and  Hayle umpire David Bond who took on the roles of  Secretary/Treasurer. The Under 16 and Under 13 Leagues amalgamated into one organisation for 1997 to become the West Cornwall Youth Cricket League, with Peter Grant the Chaiman, David Bond the Secretary and Michael Weeks the Treasurer.  Following the untimely death of David Bond in 1999 Bob Moir of Praze took over as secretarial duties until the official disbandment on October 25th 2001.