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Junior Cricket

Importance for Cornwall Cricket

Junior cricket in Cornwall is the foundation of all aspects of participation in the county for the future success of the game. Through the early years a passion for the game is created that is likely to last a lifetime. This passion for the game will result in players for the recreational, performance and elite game.  Through junior participation, players will become officials of the future, families will support and become involved, thus growing participation in volunteering in positions such as committee members, coaches, and officials. Juniors club cricket create a conveyor belt of players that will sustain adult league programme and development for years to come. Without junior cricket, cricket participation will decline to the extent that it will not exist.

Cornwall Strategic Plan – 2020 – 2024

·       Appoint three School and Club Development Officers – Autumn 2020

·       Increase the number of junior clubs in Cornwall – October 2024

·       Grow Allstars Cricket Centres geographically across Cornwall – Annually from 2020

·       Embrace and grow the Dynamos Cricket programme – Annually from 2020

·       Develop and deliver a consistent coherent playing offer – March 2020

·       Deliver an educational programme for teachers – June 2020

·       Develop a playing offer supporting the migration into adult cricket – March 2021

·       Deliver an educational programme for club parents, volunteers and captains – April 2020

·       Set up Youth Boards across the youth areas – June 2021

·       Grow the number of coaches coaching in clubs – June 2020

·       Set up Development Cricket for U11, U13 and U15 – July 2023