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10th January 2020 Posted in Cups by Michael Weeks

The West Penwith Evening League Annual General Meeting has been arranged for 7.30 on Tuesday 28th January at the Yacht Inn, Penzance.


Please find below the agenda as well as two Rule Change Proposals.

Welcome by the President Mr B Richards MBE 

Remembering those who have passed away since the last AGM 

Minutes 2019 

Matters arising 

Hon Secretary’s report 

Hon Treasurer’s Report 

Election of Officers 

Any Correspondence: Rule Change Proposals (attached) 

Composition of the League 

Reminder: please bring £10.00 Affiliation Fee 

Runciman Cup Draw 

Any Other Business 



Rule Proposals for WPEL 

Player Registrations Proposal to replace current Rules 7 & 8 All players must be registered with their club on Play-Cricket prior to their first game. A new player must be registered within 48 hours of playing in their first match. Players wishing to transfer to a new club may do so, but must be registered on Play-Cricket within 48 hours of the completion of their first match. Clubs not affiliated to the Cornwall Cricket League may enter a team into the WPEL and/or cup, but must submit a list of players to the WPEL Secretary before their first match. No player may represent more than one club in a season without first obtaining permission from the WPEL management committee and following consultation with the respective clubs involved. 

Points to consider 

  • Effectively, this rule prevents players switching clubs at the convenience of any one club, other than if a player completes a full transfer form meaning they play for their new club on a Saturday as well as the WPEL or Runciman cup in midweek. 
  • Players who can be encouraged to play ‘on the day’ may do so legitimately, but must be registered on Play- Cricket within 48 hours of completing the match. We do not want to deter new players playing the game, no matter what their skills level. 
  • Scratch teams such as Halsetown would not be prevented from entering a team, but must submit a list of players prior to their first match. In this instance, players from other clubs may play for the scratch team, which might encourage more teams to join or re-join the WPEL. 
  • In extreme circumstances, the committee may allow a player to represent a second club mid season, but only with everyone’s permission. This might be for reasons such as domestic issues. In this type of scenario, its more likely that a transfer would apply, but there is this back-up if required. 

New Rule Proposal Only teams registered to play in the WPEL, may enter the Runciman Cup. 

Points to consider 

  • This would deter clubs from picking and choosing what competitions they might enter. 
  • This could deter teams who have entered the Runciman Cup from entering both competitions next year. 
  • If they are say only 4 x teams in the WPEL, effectively, you will have two semi-finals and a final. 

If say 6 x teams entered the Runciman Cup, you would at least have a few more games played before you reach the final.

The first Rule Change was proposed by Penzance CC and the second Rule Change was proposed by Gulval CC.


We hope that as many clubs as possible are able to attend, that’s why this message is being sent to all clubs in the Penwith area including those who are no longer active members of the WPEL but may wish to reconsider their position.

Chris Williams – acting Secretary WPEL