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West Penwith Evening League Revised Schedule

19th July 2020 Posted in Cups and Latest and People by Michael Weeks

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Gulval, Hayle, St Buryan and St Just were due to play home and away in the WPEL

The four teams will also play a round robin in the Peter George Memorial Cup with the top two progressing to a final.

Paul and Penzance will also compete in the open Runciman Cup – a straight knock-out.


Given the situation regarding Covid-19 and the delayed start to the season, the WPEL have now produced a compressed fixture list.


The decision has been made to cancel the normal league season and concentrate solely on the Runciman Cup and Peter George Memorial Cup.

All the clubs who have entered these competitions have been made aware of, and agree to abide by the latest ECB / CCB / CCL requirements that must be fulfilled if playing recreational cricket at Step 4.


League President Brian Richards MBE said:

“Although there arent too many clubs involved, but the teams that have entered both cups will get at least least four midweek matches, and possibly more if they progress in the cups.  Given the shortened season and the passing of Peter George, we really wanted to make sure that the competition in his name was played for, so that we could remember him appropriately and as timely as possible.  It wouldn’t have quite been the same if we had to wait until next season.  Had the WPEL decided to scrap the season as a whole, there was also the fear that clubs might just lose interest in these competitions for future years.  The only issue now is the light and the weather  will it hold long enough to get the games in.  It’s a bit of a compressed fixture list but it seems the teams involved are chomping at the bit to make up for lost time.


In the event of a Runciman Cup game being unable to be played on the day due to the weather, the WPEL committee have exceptionally agreed to allow clubs to re-arrange the fixture for a Sunday.  This is very much against the tradition of what is an evening league, but given the circumstances, the WPEL feel this is the best way to try to ‘Get the Game On’ and get the competition completed on time. 


The Peter George Memorial Cup is a Round-Robin competition rather than a straight  knock out competition, so the teams involved just get one point each


RC Cup – Runciman Cup               PG Cup – Peter George Cup

Fixtures 2020

21-Jul RC Cup Round 1 Hayle v Penzance

21-Jul RC Cup Round 1 St Buryan v Paul

23-Jul PG Cup Match 1 Gulval St Just

23-Jul PG Cup Match 1 Paul St Buryan

28-Jul RC Cup Semi Final 1 Hayle / Penzance v St Just

28-Jul RC Cup Semi Final 2 St Buryan / Paul v Gulval

30-Jul PG Cup Match 2 St Buryan v Gulval

30-Jul PG Cup Match 2 St Just v Paul

4-Aug PG Cup Match 3 St Just v St Buryan

4-Aug PG Cup Match 3 Paul v Gulval

6-Aug RC Cup FINAL Venue TBC 6:00pm

11-Aug PG Cup FINAL Venue TBC 6:00pm


Playing conditions for the Peter George Cup: Only teams that have entered the WPEL may enter the Peter George Cup. When the League consists of 4 teams or fewer the Peter George Cup will be played on a round robin basis. The two top teams in this group will play off in a final. When 5 or more teams enter the League the Peter George Cup will be played as a knockout competition.

Player qualification for the Peter George Cup: Rules 12 & 13 apply – A player who has played either/or three County Premier Division, T20 Kernow Crash or County Division One matches cannot play in the Peter George Cup.