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Golf Day



Cornwall Cricket – Golf Day at Falmouth Golf Club 28th April 2017

This was year three of the Cornwall Cricket Golf Day hosted at Falmouth Golf Club.

On Friday 28th April 2017, 13 teams took to Falmouth Golf club for the Annual Cornwall Cricket Board Golf day. As usual we were well looked after at Falmouth Golf club and the course looked great thanks to the green keeping team led by Simon Johnson. The competition was played in teams of 4 using a Texas scramble format. This year’s event was supported by 8 hole sponsors. A wide range of ages took part and 10 cricket clubs were represented from across the County. After some serious and light hearted golf took place, teams then settled down to a meal of ham, egg and chips. Before entering into a raffle which contained some excellent prizes including tickets to The Lion King in the West end as donated by Sir Tim Rice and tickets for a Somerset one day match as well as Minack theatre tickets.

The competitiveness of the day was made apparent as teams excitedly waited for the results to be announced.

  1. 8 strokes (Mike Kent, Jon Eva, Andy Millward,Dave Williams)
  2. 5 strokes (M.Julian, C.Kruse, P.Julian, K.Hawke)
  3. 6 strokes (N.Meneer, S.Meneer, A.Gill, P.Linzey)
  4. 7 strokes (Piran Kent, Ryan Tonkin, Jack Paull, Charlie Hoskings)
  5. 3 strokes (Simon Johnson, Gareth Mitchell, Chris Fuca, Marek Churcher)
  6. 8 strokes (Matt Rowe, Jason Rowe, John Simmons, Paul Thomason)
  7. 8 strokes (Adam Fletcher, Greg Smith, Gerens James, Cas James)
  8. 4 strokes (Colin Weeks, Nathan Strick, Adam Strick, Martin Strick)
  9. 1 strokes (C.Burley, C.Kenyon, D.Dane, S.Hurshes)
  10. 63 strokes (Steve, Jamie, Simon)
  11. 4 strokes (Dave Noall, Dave Phillips, John Scott, Aaron Johnson)
  12. 65 strokes (Graham Dunn, Ray Dunn, Claude Lombard, Tom Hill)
  13. 73 strokes (Gareth, Hursty, Morgan, Skins)

A huge thank you must go to all our hole sponsors for their generosity and support, as well as everyone who donated raffle prizes. Next year’s event has already been booked in so look out for details to follow.





If you are a business and want to Sponsor a Hole please make contact with Michelle Kent, Project Manager for Cornwall Cricket Board, at this link. Michelle Kent or 01872 267138 and speak to one of the team.

£100 will get you advertising around the tee box, flags or banners, as well as advertising on the website (See below): 60,000 hits through the website annually. All documentation on the day and following the Golf Day.

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