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Teacher Training

Engaging with and training professional staff in schools is fundamental within Cornwall Cricket Boards delivery plan as this is key in achieving sustainable growth in participation, as well as increasing enjoyment and quality. CCB’s formal, ECB certificated Cricket For Teachers courses will help develop staff with the confidence to deliver cricket during PE lessons and extra curricular activities.

We also offer opportunities during kwik cricket festivals, aimed at giving confidence in the game of Kwik Cricket, setting up and running games.

Cornwall Cricket Board can also offer bespoke training as part of a whole school or part school exercise. This is unofficial, but can benefit as it is done in your environment which can make it more personal and relevant to your teachers.

Our Offer to your Schools
CCB will commit to deliver highly practical Cricket For Teachers courses, for both Primary and Secondary each year. In 2016 we have organised two Cricket For Teachers Primary and One Secondary. These are the Official ECB Certificated courses. Although these are official, they will fit around your CPD needs. Courses typically last for three hours and will be FREE of charge if your school is engaged in Chance to Shine, otherwise the cost will be confirmed on enquiry.

Workbooks with coaching cards that will enable you to use back in your school environment.

For additional resources please click here

This is a practical course which includes warm ups and cool downs, games and their variations, technical information (Secondary is more technical) for batting, bowling, fielding and wicket-keeping, working with large groups in small spaces.

Courses will be delivered by Cornwall Cricket Board and ECB Tutors. All are highly qualified and experienced with working in schools delivering curriculum and extra curricular coaching sessions.

We are keen and flexible to deliver courses that suit your needs as a school. We want to be able to build a relationship with your school to ensure that we can make the biggest impact through the CPD given to your school.

This may take a number of forms:
Co-Delivery and team teaching
Whole School CPD to develop all staff and embed cricket within the curriculum
Access to cross curricular activities so that cricket can support teaching across many subjects.

Some testimonials from Teachers who have attended Teacher Training

“I have been converted and now feel more confident in umpiring and scoring, I will be starting earlier next year”

Marie Collet St Mary’s Primary School Truro.

“very beneficial, we would love to have more training!”

Kim Rundle, St Mary’s Primary School, Truro

“Would not have known what to do without it, extremely beneficial and aimed at the right level!”
Katie Snowden, Archbishop Benson Primary

What you do next?
Inform us when and where you would like to have a course. You would need to have an indoor outdoor space appropriate to your working space. This will allow us to demonstrate how to make best use of your space.
Promote the course through the staff and your network.

If your school wants Teacher Training please contact Chris Hunkin