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Primary School Virtual Challenge

Cornwall Cricket Board have worked with St Breock Primary School to develop a virtual skills challenge to support Primary schools in delivering cricket through the school day, on the school site.


The video below outlines a ten skill challenge, which is easy to set up uses minimal equipment which can be easily adapted to suit the need of the children.

There is a supporting score sheet to support the activity, you can download along with a guidance sheet to explain the set up and timings. There are three stages of activity, this is based on their year groups, so Y1&2, Y3&4 & Y5&6. you will need to adapt the skills according to age and stage.

Score Sheet V1

Skills Challenge Syllabus

The focus of this is not just cricket or fundamental skills, but learning through maths, measuring, counting whilst working as a team.

This can be a challenge that the school undertakes by itself, or indeed the schools scores can be submitted to Cornwall Cricket Board.