Cornwall Cricket's Chris Anderson - Running London Marathon 2021 for Cricket Charity Chance To Shine

Cornwall Cricket's very own Chris Anderson (School and Club Development Officer - Lead) is running the London Marathon on 3rd October 2021 for the fantastic Cricket Charity - Chance To Shine


Calling all Cricket Clubs, Schools, All Stars, Dynamos and supporters of children's wellbeing through sport. Can you help Chris reach his fundraising target of £2500? It's still a long way to go and just a £5 or £10 donation from Clubs, Schools and all other cricket benefactors will make such a huge difference!  




Here's a video from Chris to explain his challenge: 

Here's what Chris has to say:

Tell us about you: I work as part of the professional staff for Cornwall Cricket Board (for the past year). My role is Lead School and Club Development Officer where participation for children in cricket is at the heart. Although I'd like to think I'm fairly fit, this will be my very first full marathon, although admittedly I do have around a dozen Half Marathons under my belt. I've personally been involved in playing cricket since the age of 11 and in 2017 decided to become a cricket coach after being a parent helper during my son's All Stars cricket programme (All Stars 5-8 yr olds and the new Dynamos Cricket 8-11 yr olds are ECB National Programmes that run at cricket clubs) - there are 33 host centres in Cornwall that I oversee as part of my role. I've enjoyed playing my cricket in both my home county of Devon (Cornwood CC for 10 years) and now enjoy a more relaxed pace at Tideford Cricket Club in Cornwall (near where I now reside in Saltash). I'm so fortunate to work in Cricket development as a career with Cornwall Cricket where I can have a direct impact on children's participation - I feel very lucky! 


What is Chance To Shine? Chance to Shine is a National cricket charity who provides funding to County Cricket Boards to run cricket programmes in schools at no cost for the school! This is a fantastic vehicle to get cricket into Primary Schools (predominantly, though there are also Secondary Girls School programmes too!) allowing young children the opportunity to experience and fall in love with the great game. Cornwall Cricket plans to deliver programmes to over 80 Cornish schools this academic year! Many more schools will be involved when we hold school cricket competitions in the Summer! 


Why Chance To Shine? By being involved and delivering Chance To Shine sessions I have seen so many incredible stories that make the charity so worthwhile. In particular, throughout Covid, Chance To Shine created and offered some fabulous Virtual Cricket offers so schools and children could continue to experience the game. The mental, physical and social wellbeing in children is absolutely key where these programmes have a huge positive impact. I've been involved where schools have little or no knowledge of the game. Being able to showcase how simple it can be made (whilst stripping away stereotypes such as: complex, long, boring, too much equipment etc.) is great. One school who had a 6 week Chance To Shine Programme delivered (earlier this Spring) ended up purchasing some incredible cricket equipment (Cricket nets, bowling machine, balls, bats, stumps and much more) and created a cricket club which had over 40 of their pupils take part on a weekly basis! The school even promoted keen players to the local cricket clubs to benefit! This is a common example of Chance To Shine's motto 'Spreading the power of cricket'.  


What is your challenge to help fundraise? Cricket themed of course! My challenge is to virtually run to all 69 Cornwall Cricket League Clubs over 6 month training period (started on 3rd April 2021 until race day on 3rd October 2021). The total training distance is, mapped out by road on Google Maps, to every Club (3 of which are in Devon!). This is a grand total of 676.30km (420 miles) loop - heading West - starting and finishing at my home club Tideford Cricket Club. As I type I've completed 546.66km with 129.6km still to go! I'm aiming to complete the distance at the fitting location of Cornwall Cricket Centre in Truro on Friday 1st October!   


Why is this tough and special? Last year I raised just over £1000 for the NHS via Cricket Cyber Cycle to all Cornwall Cricket League Clubs on a static bike over 4 days (lasting 20 hours in total). However, this is so much more challenging! This is stretched over 6 months as opposed to 4 days so keeping myself motivated to go out and run (in all weathers) whilst balancing work and family commitments = tough Also, I had the added issue to counter as I couldn't run for 1 month (mid June to mid July) due to a combination of 'Pingdemic' and isolation as well as a slow healing cricket induced injury. Though I'm a stickler for a challenge and people kindly donating, checking in on progress as well as the cause has kept me going! I'd like to add that there's been no treadmill in sight! All running/jogging has been recorded accurately via Strava (which is embedded on the Virgin Money Giving donation link/QR code below) on a smart watch/phone and absolutely no recorded walking! :-) Oh yes, I've used the same shoes for every run (starting to smell somewhat!) 


Where have I been Training? Over the past 6 months I've taken lots of opportunities to run wherever possible. This includes my summer holiday to Isle of Wight, very early morning treks (to not disturb quality family time). The highlight was running along the very windy and hilly cliff edge from Freshwater Bay to The Needles! Other runs include, reservoirs (Burrator), moors (Goss), lakes (Siblyback), trails (Camel Trail). Pre and post cricket matches - warm ups and downs. Pre and post children cricket holiday camps. Lots of local hills (there's plenty of them!) in and around the Saltash area. 

Training Challenge Stats:-

Current total Distance: 

546.66km (out of total distance of 676.30km) = 129.64km to go!

Current total time running: 

1 day 23 hours 53 minutes 57 seconds

Distance by month: 

- 3rd April - 2nd May = 34.79km

- 3rd May - 2nd June = 38.41km

- 3rd June - 2nd July =  21.9km

- 3rd July - 2nd August = 91.59km

- 3rd August - 2nd September = 213.37km

- 3rd September - latest (21st September) = 146.6km

How can people see your story and donate? 

Alternatively via this QR Code

Is there anything else you'd like to say? Yes, a huge thanks to everyone who has supported me with kind words of encouragement (mainly 'you're mad!' and 'rather you than me!') and of course all of the amazing donations! This is truly a brilliant charity worth raising money for!  


You can see Chris on travels by clicking on this interactive route map!