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Pitch Renovations

19th September 2018 Posted in Grounds by Michael Weeks

Cornwall Association of Cricket Groundsmen

We have been able to get a complete renovation price for doing your entire square if any clubs are interested.

I have been asked by a few clubs who are lacking in member volunteers to look into this so they can get their squares renovated.


  • Scarifying – Tractor mounted scarifier                    £30 per pitch.
  • Seeding – with tractor mounted disc seeder           £150 per square
  • Topdressing and drag matting –                                £250 per square
  • He can also remove “saddles” from pitch ends with a different machine. POA

None of the above includes materials. These can be bought through BHGS.


If you feel this something that may interest your club, please contact me to arrange details with the contractor.



Kind Regards


Simon Johnson

Regional Pitch Advisor South West

Grounds & Natural Turf Improvement Programme

Institute of Groundsmanship

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