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Pitch Advisor Update

6th June 2018 Posted in Grounds by Michael Weeks

just a quick note to you all to see how you are progressing this season after the very wet start that we had.


Hopefully for those of you that performed the deep aeration and overseeding tasks on your square last autumn the bounce and carry has improved on your pitches. The root depths will have improved and with increased grass cover, bounce should be nice and true!


I have noticed at my own ground that the spring fertiliser application has now almost run its course. This is probably due to the heavy rainfalls that we have had which has caused it to leach through the soil profile quicker than usual. With the forecast of rain next week I have some more ready to go on prior to the wet stuff.


I have been asked the question of height of cut for pitches. The consensus is that they should be around 6mm. This will give good cover without scalping the pitch. If too low it will mean that it will take far longer to recover after being played on and may give uneven bounce if the bottom blade is scraping along the soil.


After the very wet winter some outfields have some unusual species growing in them. I have seen lots of Toad Rush. Nothing to worry about as it will disappear as outfields are cut during the summer but it may be worth thinking about aeration before next winter in those wet areas to help prevent waterlogging.



Wet conditions encourage Toad Rush


Wet conditions encourage Toad Rush

One of close to 60,000 monocot species, Toad Rush can be a pain in the grass on fine turf. Laurence Gale MSc des…


We are going to try to arrange an IOG Level 2 Cricket Groundsman course in the Autumn for those that have attended the Level 1 course.


Also, if there’s anyone that wishes to do a Level 1 Cricket Pitches: Autumn Renovation and Winter Maintenance. If we have enough numbers we may be able to do this as well.


If any of you would like to attend please drop me an email and I will add you to the list. It will probably be late September on a Saturday or Sunday. Please let me know if you have prior arrangements booked already and I will see if we can work around these so that everyone that wants to can attend.


Any pitch or ground related problems that you have concerns about please drop me an email or give me a call.


Myself or someone from the Groundsman’s Association will help in whichever way we can.





kind regards 


Simon Johnson  email


ECB Pitch Advisor


IOG Regional Pitch Advisor SW.