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Penzance Thirds withdraw

15th May 2018 Posted in League by Michael Weeks

Penzance Thirds have withdrawn with immediate effect from Division 5 West.


Their results and points for the 2018 season have been expunged from the official Cornwall Cricket Website table and also play-cricket fixtures & results.



Penzance Cricket Club Statement


Continuing its support for Goldsithney Cricket Club, Penzance CC, in a new joint initiative with Goldsithney CC, will amalgamate the Penzance third team players with the Goldsithney team. This was a decision driven by the committee view at Penzance, that it would be entirely wrong for a local village side to drop out of the league, when a neighbouring large town side has three senior teams.


It is believed both clubs will benefit from this initiative. Goldsithney will have a bigger pool of players available for selection which should ensure all their matches are played this season, and the Penzance academy youngsters will have the opportunity to play in a higher league with some experienced cricketers.


The Penzance third team has always been about social cricket, but the club now needs a side that will provide a good pathway to second team and Premier League cricket, for the talented youngsters the club is developing via its new coaching investment in youth cricket.


Penzance CC apologise to the other teams in Division 5west for the fixtures that will be lost this season.




Yours sincerely,


Brian Richards


Hon Secretary