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A ‘Moss Read’ for Groundsmen

28th January 2019 Posted in Grounds by Michael Weeks

Dealing with Moss on the Outfield

To all Club Groundsmen,

If your club is suffering from moss on the outfield there are two ways of dealing with this problem. You can either use sulphate of iron or fertiliser which contains a moss killer.

Sulphate of Iron which comes in granular form can be mixed with warm water and applied by using a watering can on the affected area, after a few days the moss will turn black, this can be removed with a lawn rack and then reseeded using any spare grass seed you may have left over from autumn renovation. Application rate 2oz in 2 gallons of warm water covers 20 square yard or 50 grams in 10 litres of warm water covers 16 square metres.

Alternatively, you can use a weed and feed fertiliser that contains a moss killer, this comes in granular form and can be applied with a cyclone type spreader. This type of fertiliser will encourage the grass to grow once the moss has died off.

Both these products are available from BHGS at Hayle contact Chris Gesto 07815 209442.

Sulphate of Iron £15 for 25Kg bag

Fertiliser weed/feed/moss killer. £24 for 25Kg bag.

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