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League allows Bond Timber Trophy Postponements

24th July 2020 Posted in Cups and Latest and League by Michael Weeks

Updated Bond Timber Trophy Rules


Fixtures & Format


We have had some queries as the weather forecast is not too great for Friday night / Saturday.

The CCL Rules Committee has hastily convened and agreed to the following taking into account the ‘Bond Timber Trophy’ only has seven group games and they are fairly local.

There has been no cricket this year until the last couple of weeks as we all know.

Promotion and relegation are not at stake.


Taking all this into account the League have decided that matches postponed in this competition by the weather or ground conditions can be rearranged PROVIDING BOTH CLUBS AGREE.

If there is disagreement the default of cancellation and six points each will apply.

For probably the next three weeks matches could be played on midweek evenings as the light fades with a 20 overs competition minimum being played.

Whatever the length of games the bonus points system remains the same i.e one at every 40 runs and two wickets.


In summary as one of our members has said “Has anyone else thought how good it is to see Cornwall playing cricket today – Something I didn’t think we would see this season!!!!”

We all probably feared the worst when the First Class season was suspended until at least 1 August.


Add to Playing Conditions 2

Matches may be postponed due to weather or ground conditions and rearranged by the mutual agreement of BOTH clubs.

In such event, the new agreed date must be confirmed by email to the League no later than 48 hours following the date of the scheduled or rescheduled fixture (noon on Mondays for Saturday fixtures).

In the event of forecast poor weather clubs might wish to agree on an alternative date in advance of the cancellation- be prepared!

Unless email notification of the new date is received as stated as above the match will be classed as Match Cancelled – six points each.

This will be strictly enforced.

Each fixture may only be rearranged once.

Should the second game also be called off it will be classed as match cancelled – six points each.

Only enter ‘Match Cancelled’ or ‘Abandoned’ (some play) on play-cricket IF that is the case.

Otherwise, the fixture cannot be reinstated.

Sundays, August Bank Holiday Monday or midweek until mid-August realistically  (min 20 overs) are available options.


However, if clubs wish to RESCHEDULE ANY MATCH IN ADVANCE FOR ANY REASON, this must be notified to the League by 23.59 on the Thursday,  preceding the match and the reschedule would then count as the original fixture. (FOR TODAY ONLY – 23.59 tonight FRIDAY)

The cut-off date for completion of groups is 23.59 on Sunday 6 September at which point the tables will be finalised.


Add:  Appendix


1  Overseas PlayersLeague Rules 8.3 – 8.6

The current League rules apply for 2020 as they are  ECB & Home Office Regulations.



2  Player Transfers League Rule 9.1

With the CCL Registration rules (9.1) not applicable for the 2020 season the Transfers rules regarding timelines are not relevant. Therefore any player can be transferred between any club until 1st April 2021 when rule 9.2.3 will apply ‘No transfer of CCL players to and from Premier and County One clubs …..’


The League will continue to complete transfers to allow players to be correctly registered with new clubs for inclusion on play-cricket scorecards.


3  Loan Players League Rule 9.4

With the CCL Registration rules (9.1) not applicable for the 2020 season these are not relevant. Guest players are permitted but within the spirit of the competition please i.e. No players left out of the Test team!


4  ECB Directive Rule 23.4 ‘Junior Cricketers playing in Open Age Matches’ DOES apply, however.      This means boys and girls who are county squad players can play open age group cricket if they are in a U12 age group and are a minimum of 11 years old on 1st September of the year preceding the season.                    


5  Use of Substitutes in Bond Timber Trophy games.

MCC Law 24.2 applies with regards to penalty time.


General Rule Clarification

League Rule 9.2.6.  Free Agents

‘Players who have not played for their club in the previous season shall automatically become “free agents” and do not require a transfer.’


As the Cornwall Cricket League season itself is not being played in 2020, no player will be regarded as having ‘missed the season’, simply because he does not take part in the abbreviated competition, the ‘Bond Timber Trophy’. Therefore, all players shall remain registered to their current (2019) club, provided they played for that club in the League in 2019.  All such players would require a transfer before being able to play for another club in 2021.  A player may not be considered a free agent (under Rule 9.2.6) unless he missed the whole of the 2019 season or, eventually, he misses the whole of the 2021 season.



A reminder of the Result Reporting procedures

11  Reporting of Results

A minimum requirement of ‘summary results’, including match points, shall be submitted by the home side within 48 hours to Play-Cricket. Full Scorecards are at the discretion of either club (home or away) or include in the highlights 20+ runs and 2 wickets or more.

No Official Result forms are required.


12  Press Reports

Home clubs shall submit results via the online press form on the website, preferably on Saturday nights, but no later than noon on Sundays (for Sunday games – noon on Mondays).

No phone calls required.