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Laptops / Electronic Scoreboards

13th April 2018 Posted in Board and League and Umpires by Michael Weeks

Cornwall Cricket Board Statement


If you have a Durant/ECS/FSL Electronic Scoreboard – READ THIS

You may have received a circular from this scoreboard manufacturer telling you that, while you were able to get your laptop scoring programme to update your scoreboard last season, it will cost you  £250+VAT to buy a piece of equipment to allow your scorebox to work with Play Cricket Scorer Pro.

When this circular came out, Cornwall Cricket contacted the ECB to ask whether there was a way round this.  A mere two weeks later, ECB has issued a new version of PCS Cricket Pro which indeed solves the problem – at least for the scoreboard we have already tried it on.

If you have any questions about the process, please get in touch with

Cornwall Cricket would like to take this opportunity to thank Tim Lumb and his team at ECB for sorting this so quickly.


The Laptop version – Play Cricket Scorer Pro has updated today. Release notes can be viewed here  Play Cricket Scorer Pro Version 1.1.7 Release Notes


You can download the programme free to laptops at

Over by over live scores and tweets if you have an internet connection when scoring or a one click full card upload after the game when you do have a connection, providing you download the fixture fro play-cricket in the first place.