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This week’s Honours Boards

13th September 2019 Posted in League by Michael Weeks

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These Boards are automated from Play-Cricket each week.

Honours Board qualification criteria:
1. The Honours Board game week runs from Monday to Sunday.
2. Honours Boards are updated each Wednesday. Scorecards must be fully uploaded to by 1900hrs on Tuesday to be eligible. All times shown in the audit trails for games are GMT, not BST
3. The boards are based upon the club’s actual location as per their About Us section – not the league(s) in which they play – and cover County Boards, not individual leagues
4. At least 50 runs or 3 wickets.
5. Standard format fixtures (e.g. excluding all ‘pairs’ cricket).
6. League or Cup matches for ‘administered’ competitions only (Administered competitions have an active Play-Cricket site used to generate and administer their own fixtures)
7. If there are not enough performances in any given week to create an honours boards for a county then the national boards will be substituted in any communications