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Learn about Umpiring

While we can help you get there, you don’t have to want to become an ICC Panel member to get tuition from the CACO.  We run a series of courses which start from the basics up to intensive courses which will qualify you as a Panel Umpire and beyond.

The ECB ACO Level 1 Advanced course ‘Understanding the Game’  – Autumn 2017

On this participative programme you will compliment your knowledge of the laws of the game with a better and up to date understanding of how they are applied and interpreted in practice from your, and others, experiences.

Level 1A is not intended to be a taught course but more facilitator-led.

As an ECB ACO member, you will learn how to appraise your own performance and evolve/improve field craft techniques that are covered more comprehensively on the Level 2 course, if that is your aim. It enhances the transition to level 2, updates your skill set and is a foundation for consistency in the umpiring of the team of two. The award is not exam dependant, but relies on assessment and professional discussion outcomes.

Qualification criteria: ACO member, Level 1 laws, a portfolio of completed recorded matches (2 assessed if possible).


Details. ECBACO Umpire Level 1 Advanced course

Dates: Sundays 8th and 15th October 2017

Venue: Cornwall Cricket Centre

Times: 10:00 – 16:00

To register on this Umpire Level 1 advanced course please click on the link :

Contact:  For enquiries Nik Lewis CACO Education Officer – Email: 

Cost: £25


Attendance criteria: ECBACO membership, portfolio of matches, minimum 8, with self assessments and independent assessments.


ECBACO/CACO Umpire Education Stage 1 course

Dates: Sundays 18th & 25th February 2018

Venue: Cornwall Cricket Centre

Times: 10:00 – 16:00

(All candidates will register and pay online; during the booking and payment process, they will be able to pay for their first year membership at the reduced rate of £20. They will also receive a link for online DBS application if they choose to apply for membership.

NB: The online platform for registering and payment will be available from October 17 at . The fee will be £30 paid online when registering.

Criteria: Open to all be they prospective umpires, club umpires, players, captains, coaches, managers,scorers, student sports academic qualifiers, followers/observers of the sport.It’s fun & sociable. Win that contentious point in the bar with your up to date knowledge and application of the Laws

Contact:  For enquiries Nik Lewis CACO Education officer   Email: 


We are also delighted to come along to clubs out of season with the new 90 minute ‘Argue with the Umpire’ interactive presentation which gives members and players of all ages an improved understanding of the Laws of Cricket.  It also provides an ideal opportunity for a club social ‘get-together’ during the winter months and some good takings at the bar.

However, for those who want to take their umpiring a bit more seriously we run a series of courses which will teach both the laws and how to Umpire and qualify you to officiate in any Club match in Cornwall.  These courses take place at Cornwall Cricket Centre in Truro.

The best overview of all the available courses is on the ECBACO website.