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CACO History

Cornwall Cricket Umpires  Association was formed in 1975 (CCUA).  The  Cornwall Association of Cricket Officials  (CACO) was created on 17 September 2008.         Click

PresidentChairmanVice ChairmanSecretaryTreasurerAppointments
1976WH BosankoAW Elston
1977WH BosankoAW Elston
1978WH BosankoAW Elston
1979WH BosankoAW Elston
1980WH BosankoAW Elston
1981WH BosankoAW Elston
1982WH BosankoAW Elston (6)
1983RE BordeauxWH BosankoJ SymonsEA Collins
1984RE BordeauxWH BosankoJ Symons (2)EA Collins
1985RE BordeauxWH Bosanko (9)G PenberthyEA Collins (3)
1986RE BordeauxEA CollinsJ SymonsG Penberthy (2)EJ Ford
1987RE BordeauxEA CollinsJ SymonsEJ FordEJ FordWB Bennett /P Bray
1988RE BordeauxEA CollinsJ SymonsEJ FordEJ FordWB Bennett /P Bray
1989RE BordeauxEA CollinsJ SymonsEJ FordEJ FordWB Bennett /P Bray
1990RE BordeauxEA CollinsP PhillipsEJ FordEJ Ford (5)WB Bennett /P Bray
1991RE BordeauxEA Collins (6)EJ FordJ DykeWB Bennett /P Bray
1992RE BordeauxG PenberthyP BrayEJ FordJ DykeWB Bennett /P Bray
1993RE BordeauxG PenberthyP PhillipsEJ FordJ Dyke (3)WB Bennett /P Bray
1994RE BordeauxG PenberthyJ FootEJ FordEJ FordJ Vatcha
1995RE BordeauxG PenberthyB WilleyEJ FordP Kingston-DaveyJ Vatcha
1996RE BordeauxG PenberthyB WilleyEJ FordP Kingston-DaveyJ Vatcha (3)
1997RE BordeauxG PenberthyB WilleyEJ FordP Kingston-DaveyP Kingston-Davey
1998RE Bordeaux (16)G Penberthy (7)J VatchaEJ FordP Kingston-Davey (4)PR Osborne
1999G PenberthyJ VatchaPR OsborneEJ FordDG DavisPR Osborne
2000G Penberthy (2)J VatchaPR OsborneEJ FordDG DavisPR Osborne
2001EJ FordJ VatchaD RoweEJ FordDG DavisPR Osborne
2002EJ FordJ VatchaPR OsborneEJ FordDG DavisPR Osborne
2003EJ FordJ Vatcha (5)PR OsborneEJ Ford (17)DG DavisPR Osborne
2004EJ FordPR OsborneEJ FordDG DavisDG Davis (6)PR Osborne (7)
2005EJ FordWB BennettPR OsborneDG Davis (2)R FentonDG Davis
2006EJ FordWB BennettPR OsborneR WalkerR FentonR Fenton
2007EJ FordWB BennettPR OsborneR WalkerR FentonR Fenton
2008EJ FordWB Bennett (4)PR OsborneR Walker (3)R FentonR Fenton
2009EJ FordDr D HawkerDL HeadR FineR FentonR Fenton
2010EJ FordDr D Hawker (2)DL HeadV Hassell (1)R FentonR Fenton
2011EJ FordDL HeadJ ThompsonR FineR FentonR Fenton
2012EJ Ford (12)DL HeadJ ThompsonR FineR FentonR Fenton (7)
2013PR OsborneDL HeadR FineR Fenton (9)J Molden
2014PR OsborneDL HeadR FineR FineJ Molden
2015PR OsborneDL Head (5)R FineR FineJ Molden
2016PR OsborneP DaleR FineR FineJ Molden
2017PR OsborneP DaleR FineR FineJ Molden
2018PR Osborne 6)P DaleR FineR FineJ Molden
2019PR Osborne (7)P Dale (4)R Fine (10)R Fine (6)J Molden (7)

2008 was a year of change for umpires in Cornwall. At the beginning of the year the ECB formed a new Association of Cricket Officials (ECB ACO) with instructions to County Boards to set up local branches throughout the country. The ECB ACO replaced the Association of Cricket Umpires & Scorers (ACU&S) and ECB Officials Association (ECB OA). Subsequently the Cornwall Cricket Umpires & Scorers Association (CCUA&S) called an Extraordinary General Meeting and the decision was taken to bring about the demise of the independent association, which had served the interests of local Cornish Cricket Umpires and Scorers since 1976.


On September 17th 2008 the new Cornwall Association of Cricket Officials (CACO) was formed with Dr David Hawker elected its first Chairman. The CCUA&S undertook its normal duties until 12th November when the Association was formally wound up. Three officers of the CCUA&S, Bert Bennett, Secretary Richard Walker and Media Officer Malcolm Roberts did not seek election to the new organisation. Before their demise the CCUA proposed three of their long serving members to become Vice Presidents of the Cornwall Cricket League. The last Chairman Bert Bennett and Len Lobb and Conway Polkinghorne, panel members since 1962 and 1980 respectively, were all duly honoured at the League’s Annual Meeting in 2009.


Neutral umpires were introduced in the East Cornwall Senior League in 1959. Initially appointments being dealt with by Alan Judd, followed four years later by Sam Goodman. Rex Rogers took over in 1984 until a countywide organisation came fully into place in 1993.  In the west appointments were organised by a small committee and it wasn’t until 1975 that an organisation was formed with Bill Bosanko the Chairman and Pat Elston its first Hon. Secretary.  In 1983 Richard Bordeaux became President with John Symons taking over as Secretary.  Ted Collins became Chairman in 1986. Gerald Penberthy took on the secretarial duties before John Ford took on the role which was to last until 2004. In the late eighties Bert Bennett and Percy Bray dealt with appointments. Following the formation of a countywide league, a Joint Management Committee was set-up in 1991, under Chairmanship of Ted Collins, to bring together both Eastern and Western umpires, although separate committees continued for couple of years.


The countywide organisation has had four Presidents. Richard Bordeaux until 1999 followed by Gerald Penberthy, John Ford and Reg Osborne. Gerald Penberthy had succeeded Ted Collins as Chairman in 1992. Jan Vatcha took over in 1999. On his untimely death Reg Osborne took over for a year before Bert Bennett took on the post in 2005. Having been Treasurer David Davis took over the Secretary role when John Ford stood down in 2004. When David emigrated to Spain a couple of years later, Richard Walker, returning to the county, took over the reins. Rodney Fine successes him for 2009. He took on the Media Officer role in 2010 with Vic Hassell taking over. However Rodney returned a year later and has continued to the present day.


The thankless task of Appointments Officer over the years has been undertaken by Bert Bennett, Percy Bray, Jan Vatcha, Peter Kingston-Davey, Reg Osborne and Dave Davis. Ron Fenton did it for nine years from 2006, doubling up as Treasurer. John Molden took over for 2013 and remains in post to the present.