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Trailer Hire


In November 2012, funding was secured for a second trailer, to service West Cornwall, and this will now be based with JFC Monro, at Hayle.

The Cornwall Cricket League Groundsmen Association was awarded £6000 from Sport England, £3000 from the Cornwall Cricket Board and £2000 from its own funds to provide this second equipment trailer.  This will then take some of the workload off the present trailer.
These trailers are for clubs that are members of the association to use on a booking system with Keith Goldsmith, Chairman
The Association offers some great benefits like bulk buying loam and seed and knowledge sharing workshops with full time professionals.
In order to benefit from this and other functions of the Association please contact :- Keith Goldsmith  Tel 01579 346248
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Trailer Hire

 East Clubs                                        Date Require                                    Contact Details.

Holsworthy                                       22nd-23rd Sept.                                  George Orr-Wilcocks. 07717 613801

Wadebridge                                      29th Sept. (blec seeder only)          Paul Chapman                   07751637915




West Clubs

Ludgvan                                             5th and 6th Sept.                                               Jamie Stevens.  07737 312727

Camborne                                         7th, 8thand 9th Sept + Blec Seeder Neil Symons        07775 677538

St Erme                                              11th and 12th Sept.                                          Matt Pearson     07971 357354

St Ives                                                13th and 14th Sept.                                          Jon Swanell         07742 731681
4 x 4 Driver Jack Rea              07393754260

Beacon                                              15th and 16th Sept. + (Blec Seeder)              David Proctor     07795 231618

Penzance                                          18th and 19th Sept.                                          Jamie Stevens     07737 312727

Truro                                                  22nd Sept.            (Blec Seeder)                     Peter Lidgey               07434112360

Redruth                               22nd, 23rd and 24th Sept.+ (Blec Seeder)     Peter Bolland      07557 348407

Mt Ambrose                                      25th and 26th Sept.                                          Simon Johnson   07875 080366

Helston                                              27th and 28th Sept.                                          John Martin                07904715881

Mullion                                              29th and 30th Sept.                                          Darren Turner     07887 614404

Mawnan                                            6th and 7th Oct.                                                Ian Snowdon      07810 831655