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Ground Tutorials

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Nat West Pitch Doctor

Since becoming the ECB’s Pitch Consultant in 1997 Chris Wood has been responsible for providing the ECB Cricket Department with key information on all matters relating to pitches, playing surfaces and groundsmanship in both first-class and recreational cricket – including monitoring international match pitches and practice areas.

It is often said that a game of cricket is only as good as the pitch it is played on, which is why we have teamed up with the ECB’s Pitch Consultant to help local cricket clubs get the best advice and tips on how to prepare and maintain their pitches.

As the NatWest Cricket Club’s Pitch Doctor, Chris Wood will be providing a series of helpful video guides for recreational club groundsmen covering everything from marking out a pitch at the start of the season to putting the pitch to bed in the winter and general maintenance in-between.

The following  tutorial videos are currently available, so simply click to view expert advice first hand from Chris Wood.

  • Pre-Season Rolling and Squaring
  • Pitch Preparation
  • Final Preparation & Marking
  • Pitch Renovation: Plugging
  • Pitch Renovation: Repairing Foot Holes
  • Pitch Renovation: Over Seeding and Calibration
  • Pitch Renovation: Follow Through and General Pitch Repair
  • Nets Maintenance


The Cricket Rolling Optimisation project conducted by Cranfield University has now been completed. The project enabled us to produce guidelines for cricket pitch rolling based on the experimental results. > > The guidelines are now available from the ECB website
There is also a website where you will find some more information  on the rolling project which also gives you the opportunity to ask any questions that you may have regarding the project or the guidelines. There is also the opportunity to enter your roller specifications into the roller database and add roller photos – which may both be of use to other groundsmen.