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Coaching Courses

Coach Education Pathway

The ECB Coach Education pathway provides courses and qualifications to support coaches at all levels of the game. Specifically, all of the courses are designed around the players you work with and their stage of development.


UKCC2 Certificate Courses

ECB Certificate in Coaching Children – 2019

This course is designed to help to develop your confidence and equip you with the knowledge, understanding and applied skills to lead coaching sessions for children and create safe, fun, player-centered coaching environments.

Who should attend?
For coaches who are going to predominantly coach children from six to 13 years.

8 x three-hour modules
six sessions of supported practice – usually in your own club coaching environment
Pre-requisites for certification
18 years of age (learning programme and assessment can be completed at 17)


Emergency Aid certificate
Safeguarding Young Cricketers certificate
Disclosure and Barring Service check

Course Dates: Sundays – 13th, 20th and 27th October
Venue: Cornwall Cricket Centre
Times: 10:00 – 6:00pm
Cost: £250.00 per person

ECB Certificate in Coaching Young People and Adults – 2019

This course is a top up course for experienced Children’s qualified coaches, enabling you to get the certificate in Young People and adults.  To get on to this course you must be qualified in the Children’s Coaching Certificate, or equivalent qualification. You also would have needed to have at least a two years experience.

Stage and age appropriate CPD workshops that will develop your knowledge, understanding and applied skills in this environment.

Who should attend?
For coaches working with children that hold the ECB certificate in coaching young people and adults’ cricket or who have experience in Children’s Coaching Certificate, or equivalent qualification.

CPD 1 – ECB coaching teams will explore in-season practices and the coach’s role before, during and after a game and the relationship with the captain.

CPD 2 – ECB performance and video analysis will explore and apply performance and video analysis in practice and competitive situations.

CPD 3 – ECB training interventions and methods will allow coaches to create and share inspiring group-based training interventions and methods for young people and adults within a club environment.

Each workshop is designed to run over one three-hour face-to-face module supported by e-learning.

For more information on this course please contact Cornwall Cricket

For each individual Module £50 per person

For all 3 Modules Cost: £120.00 per person

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Coach Support Worker course

This is an opportunity to get on the first rung of the coaching pathway in cricket in Cornwall, this is designed for someone who wants to assist and support a qualified coach in the organisation and delivery of club/community based sessions, this is ideal for someone who is young (16+) and/or has a lack of sport specific knowledge but would like to support at their club.

These course can be flexible to suit the clubs needs. We can come to you to run them or we can run them on block. If you are interested in attending a basic coaching course over a day, or couple of sessions at a small cost please make contact with Chris Hunkin

The cost of the course is £40 per person and we would need 8 people to make a course viable in one environment.

Club/Coach Support Environment

The Coach Education pathway begins with the Coach Support Environment:

ECB Cricket Activator – The playing of cricket will not happen without a lot of things, which are often hidden to people, being done. If you want to make cricket happen, in whatever capacity, this course is right for you, especially if you are a young person exploring various options of how you can support cricket and develop yourself personally.

A bespoke course that allows clubs or groups of individuals to plan and prepare the delivery of any cricketing event (e.g. Kwik Cricket festival)

ECB Coach Support Worker – The Coach Support Worker course is ideal for someone who wants to help and support a qualified coach in the delivery and organisation of games and sessions but may not have the time, inclination or sport specific knowledge to qualify as a coach. This vital role supports the coach in action and development of players predominantly in the club environment.

Continuous Professional Development

After attaining a UKCC2 level qualification, the next step on the pathway is for coaches to attend the development modules within their chosen environment (children or young people).  There are three modules for each environment. Following completion of these three modules coaches can opt to attend a Diploma level assessment although the modules can also be attended as stanalone workshops.

UKCC3 – Performance Environment

At this stage of the pathway, all further courses are administered by the ECB with the next stage being the Performance Environment:

ECB Performance Coach course (UKCC3) – For coaches working in the following areas; county age group under 13 or above, Emerging Players Programme, County Academy programme, county professional programme, England Men’s and Women’s development programme.

The final stage on the Coach Education pathway is the elite coach environment. The ECB’s Elite Coach Development Programme consists of the Master Coach Award (UKCC LEVEL 4), which incorporates a Post Graduate Diploma in Personal and Professional Development, a range of Continuous Personal and Professional Development programmes and targeted individual support.

Which course is for you?

Let the ECB course selector help choose the right pathway for you

The ECB has developed an online course selector to help you choose the course that will best suit your needs. This valuable tool will help you identify the pathway that best fits your own unique circumstances and enable you to play your part in helping more people to enjoy playing cricket.

To use the ECB course selector, click above and follow the step-by-step guide

Note – As part of the application process, all candidates must complete a copy of a coach’s profile. This profile outlines the details of the coaching work completed prior to application, as well as the coach’s future anticipated work. All UKCC2 candidates are required to give details of which coaches they are intending to work with to complete their supported practice sessions. Where possible candidates will be expected to work on the district coaching programme local most local to their home town.