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Fully subsidised Umpires Courses

3rd February 2020 Posted in League and Umpires by Michael Weeks

More Good News!

The Cornwall Cricket League is supporting the forthcoming Umpires Education Course in February and March.

The League will reimburse clubs that sponsor participants from their clubs  with the full £40 combined fees in due course. 

This is part of a strategy to increase the number of Panel umpires and ‘trained’ club umpires and/or ‘player umpires’ standing in League matches.

Part 1 is on 16 February so don’t delay – sign up at Learn About Umpiring

Clubs will  be reimbursed with their 2021 League Fees

The CACO aim to run a Stage 1 Education Course on 16 February and Stage 2 Education Course on 1 March, both at the Cornwall Cricket Centre