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Divisions 2019 Proposed Set Up

5th September 2018 Posted in League by Michael Weeks

September 2018


Divisions Draft Plan 2019

2019 Divisions Set Up September

It takes into account the AGM vote to have 10 team divisions in Tier 3 (Division 4 and below) and the July announcement to have a 10 team Premier and 12 Team County 1 in 2019. Three teams will, therefore, be relegated from County 1 in 2018.


The LMC has considered the situation and decided that the only way the lower divisions will currently work is to merge next year’s Division 6, after promotion and relegation, with Division 7. At the moment that will have 30 teams and be divided geographically into three divisions – East, Central and West.


As eight teams have withdrawn from the League since the end of March there are not the numbers to have separate divisions east and west throughout, as in 2018. Potentially a two-team Division 7 East wasn’t a viable option!


That means (as per Rule only two promotion play-off matches will now be required and based on Rule for a Premier play-off.


These will be played on Finals Day – Saturday 15 September with Sunday 16th a reserve. 1.00pm start.


The Division 6 teams will be at home to the Divison 5 teams. However, if a Division 6 team does not want the opportunity of promotion, or the play-offs are not played, the status quo will remain. It is therefore in the interests of the lower division club to #getthegameon


Promotion Play Offs

Div 6 W 2nd      St Just IV                     (h)        v          Div 5 W 8th      Gulval II

Div 6 E 2nd       South Petherwin II         (h)        v          Div 5 E 6th       St Stephen or Werrington IV


The playoffs will be played under normal league rules and the player selection eligibility rules (11.4.4) will apply (75% and 5 out of the last 8).


The home club to provide teas but the League will provide, and fund, 2 new match balls and CACO Umpires, subject to availability with five other finals taking place on the day.

Download the Proposed Plan  2019 Divisions Set Up September