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Divisions Structure 2019 – League Statement

28th July 2018 Posted in League by Michael Weeks

League Statement on Potential Divisions 2019

Premier – 10 Teams

County Division 1 – 12 Teams

Division 2 & 3 – 12 Teams

Division 4 & below – 10 Teams

 July  2018

Further to my letter to clubs at the start of the season (click) and consultation with clubs in the Premier Division and those potentially in County 1 for 2019, the ECB, the LMC and the wider cricket family in Cornwall over the last two months, it has become clear that radical changes to the top divisions for the 2019 season are not supported by a clear majority. Furthermore, the top two divisions are more evenly contested at this time than many feared.


Therefore, the Premier Division for 2019 will be planned based on 10 teams, as 11 is not acceptable. No top performing County 1 club has applied for promotion to the Premier (Rule


During the recent consultation process with clubs, thoughtful ideas and much-welcomed comments were received. These need to be presented and discussed more widely with clubs. This should allow the best chance of any changes to the formats and structure of Cornish League cricket to be managed in the best interest and with minimal disruption to of all its member clubs.


However, County Division 1 will gain a relegated team from the Premier division and as approval for promotion has been granted to several Division 2 sides (5.1.8) it is highly likely that one from each division 2 West and 2 East will be promoted. In this scenario, it will be necessary for the bottom 3 teams of County Division 1 to be relegated back to their section. If these were all Eastern section teams the knock-on effect would lead to relegation for 4 teams in Division 2 East and 3 (or 4) teams in divisions below in that section.


There is a vacancy in Division 3 East, of course, to take into account following Liskeard’s withdrawal and it has already been voted at the 2018 AGM that 10 team divisions will come into place in Division 4 & below for 2019. All of the above will be taken into account before applying the existing published promotion and relegation rules as listed below:

5.1.9 For all other divisions, promotion and relegation shall be two up/two down. However, in the event of two clubs from the same section being demoted from County Division 1 both clubs shall return to their respective section (Division 2 West or Division 2 East). Three teams will then be relegated to Division 3 (East or West) as applicable, when all divisions will be regularised, in accordance with Rule 4.2. Promotions and relegations shall be 2 up and 3 down throughout the rest of that section but the opposite section shall have 3 up and 2 down in each division.           Only one team shall be guaranteed automatic promotion from each section of the bottom Division (East, West, or otherwise). However, in normal circumstances, two teams shall be relegated from each section of the division immediately above. The necessity to promote further teams or not shall be decided by the LMC. Any further teams shall be promoted, East or West as required, based initially on their finishing position then, if in different sections, on their ranking of average points gained per match actually completed or was conceded.
For 2018 only – To set up 10-team divisions in Division 4 & below for 2019: Four teams to be relegated from each Division 4 and two promoted from each Division 5. Five teams relegated from each Division 5 and one promoted from each Division 6 plus the winner of play-off 2nd (Div 6) v 7th (Div 5). Five teams relegated from Division 6W and one promoted from Division 7W plus the winner of play-off 2nd (Div 7W) v 5th (Div 6W).



Andrew Kent

League Chairman

July 2018