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Development League Meetings

29th September 2017 Posted in Latest and League by Michael Weeks

Any club is invited to send a representative to an informal meeting regarding the set-up of the new CCL Development League on


Monday 2nd October, at REDRUTH CC (6.00pm)  OR   Tuesday 3rd October, at WADEBRIDGE CC (6.30pm).


Each meeting is only likely to last up to an hour.


These meetings have been arranged so that clubs who are considering entering a team into this new form of League cricket can come along, hear more about the principles behind the proposal and make their own suggestions regarding the eventual format.


Nothing is yet “set in stone” – the clubs who want to take part have the opportunity to formulate the competition in whatever manner they prefer.  Following the two meetings, a set of rules / guidelines will be drawn up and all clubs will be invited to confirm whether they are going to enter the competition.  Once numbers are confirmed, we will confirm back to you that the League is to be launched and you will be able to finally confirm your number of entries in the main CCL divisions for 2018.



Cornwall Development League – Launch Summary

Cornwall Development League Proposed Format