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Debbie Clifton-Griffith – New County Welfare Officer

1st April 2019 Posted in Board by Joe Skinner

Debbie Clifton- Griffith has been appointed as the new Cornwall Cricket Welfare Officer.

Debbie has a wealth of experience, is a current Primary School teacher who has a Safeguarding background from within the school. Cornwall Cricket would like to welcome Debbie into the role and wish her well.

The role of the County Welfare Officer is to support safeguarding across Cornwall, be a point of reference to the Club Welfare Officer, if any issue arose. Debbie will act as the initial support to the ECB and club if needed.

Debbie has taken over from Jonathan Wyatt, who have served the County over the last eight years or so. Cornwall Cricket would like to thank Jonathan for his service over this time in what can be a very challenging role.

If clubs, coaches or any volunteers have need to report anything relating to Child Welfare, please contact Debbie Clifton-Griffith from now on..

You can contact Debbie on;


or email