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CSCA’s 2019 Presentation Evening

13th October 2019 Posted in Women & Girls and Youth by Michael Weeks

CSCA Presentation Evening History

The 41st Presentation Evening was held at the Atlantic Hotel, Newquay on Saturday 12 October 2019.

The Chief Guest was former Derbyshire & Essex all rounder and the current Director of Cricket at Penzance CC, Greg Smith.


Presentations 2019 – CSCA Secretary Malcolm Broad MBE

Welcome to our 41st Presentation Evening.  The very first was at Redruth Cricket Club and I am delighted that one of our guests that evening, Ed Leverton, is with us tonight. 


Once again 2019 was a busy summer for the Association with almost 150 matches. We are so grateful for the commitment of all our parents, managers and coaches in order to fulfil this wonderful programme. So Thank you!


As usual we start our awards with our youngest side – the Under Ten team who did so well coming together for the Festival at Kings.  One young player in this age group was truly outstanding and he actually receives two awards – both the Batting and All-Rounder Awards go to WILL MACDONALD. The Bowling award goes BEAU DAVIES. 


Next we come to the Under Eleven team. The Bowling Award goes to BRADLEY HARVEY.  The Batting Award goes to ELLIS MAY and Team Award goes to OLIVER BONDS. 


And now to the Under Twelve team. In this age group we have our first special award to make. These special awards are the match balls actually used in the games where a player has scored a century or taken 5 wickets. The first special award goes to JJ BRENTON for 5 wickets for just 5  runs against Somerset. The Batting Award goes to SUNSHINE OSMONT. The Bowling Award goes to JJ BRENTON. The Team Award goes to WILF BARTLETT. 


Next we come to our Under Thirteen team. Their season started back in February with their very successful and enjoyable tour to South Africa.  The Batting and Bowling Awards for this team goes to the same player, to TED PHILLIPS. And for the second year running, the Team Award goes to MATT BONDS.


The MOST IMPROVED PLAYER for the Development team goes to RYAN BENNETTS.  There is also a Special Award to make in this team for his Hat TrickHARRY MARTIN.


The Under Fourteen team had a tough season playing matches against some of the best teams in the country and had to travel all over the South and West. The batting award goes to MURRAY WYATT and the bowling award to ALFIE MACDONALD. The Team Award goes HUGH TOMKINSON.


We have two Special Award to make in this team. This goes to MAX JENKIN for 5 wickets for 25 runs against Northants at Kings College. The other Special Award goes to Alfie MACDONALD for his innings of 100 not out against Oxfordshire .


The Girls Under Fifteen team was a young and mostly inexperienced team, but they improved steadily during the season. The Bowling Award for the Girls Under 15 team goes to JOCELYN ECCLESTON. The Manager’s Award for the most improved player goes to NAOMI MARSH and finally the Batting Award goes to an outstanding young cricketer EMILY GEACH. 


The season for the boys Under Fifteen team began with their enjoyable tour of the Caribbean at Easter visiting Trinidad and Barbados. The Batting Award for the Under 15 team goes to JOE PHILLIPS and the Bowling Award goes to JOE COCKINGS.  There is a Team Award which goes to LUKE RICHARDSON,. 


The Girls Under Seventeen team had a good season and many of the girls will be available again next year. The Bowling Award for the Girls Under 17 team goes again to EMILY GEACH. The Team Award goes to IZZY GRANT FRENCH and finally the Batting Award goes to a very talented cricketer – REBECCA ODEGRS.


Our Under Seventeen team had another good season – only one poor result robbed them of qualifying for the final of the  ECB Cup. There are three special Awards – all for Batting.  For his score of 135 against Dorset – CHARLIE KENT.  The next special award is for 110 v Wiltshire for JOHN MOON.  The final Special Award for an innings of 162 against Dorset goes to ALEX BARRETT, but he is now at Eton College so can’t join us tonight.  


The Batting Award for this team goes to ALEX BARRETT, the Bowling Award is made to NATHAN KEEVIL and finally the Team Award is made to JOHN MOON. 


And so to our Long Service Awards.  These are made to boys who have represented Cornwall in at least 6 age groups over at least 6 years and have come to the end of their careers with CSCA.  Long Service Awards go to:  CHARLIE KENT – who first played in 2012,  ARCHIE PASCOE and JOSHUA MOSES also 2012, and finally  CALLUM EDGCOMBE who first played in 2014

Long Service Award Winners Josh Moses, Archie Pascoe, Charlie Kent and Callum Edgcombe with Greg Smith

And the Long Service Awards for Girls who have played for at least 6 years and also come to the end of their careers with CSCA – IZZY GRANT FRENCH and LUCIE OAKLEY. who both first played in 2014.

Long Service Award Winners Lucy Oakley & Issy Grant French with Greg Smith

The first of our Perpetual awards is the Jimmy Richards Trophy which is awarded to the “outstanding player” on the South Africa Tour – as chosen by the other players in the team – DAN PHILLIPS


The Edgarley Award for the best fielder in the Under 13 Team goes to BILLY TAYLOR. 


The Jack Richards Trophy is awarded to the most promising wicketkeeper in any CSCA team. From our Under Fifteen team – JARROD HAMBLY.


The One and All shield is awarded to the player with the best individual bowling performance of 2019 and for his spectacular figures of 5 wickets for just 5 runs against Somerset – JJ BRENTON.


The Jonathan Harris Shield is awarded to the Batsman with the highest individual innings against a county team in 2019. This year the award is for his innings of 162 v Dorset for our Under 17 team. ALEX BARRETT.  Alex also receives the Ted Collins Cup which is awarded each year to the Outstanding Boys cricketer of the year.


The Laura Harper Cup for the Outstanding Girls Cricketer of the year is awarded to a very talented player and who won this in 2018 and retains it this year –  REBECCA ODGERS.


We have two more awards to make this evening. The first is to a player selected for the South and West Regional Under 15 team which played in the ECB David English Festival at Felsted School. He had great success with scores of 33 not out v Midlands, 50 not out v North and 21 v London and the East – technically an average of 104!! – JOE PHILLIPS.


The other award is for a player who is involved with the England Womens squad and Western Storm. Unfortunately she can’t be here tonight – she actually attending a training and screening weekend with the ECB at Loughborough – ELLIE MITCHELL.  She hasachieved so much from down here in Cornwall.

Our final award goes back to 2008 when Les Driver retired after 8 years as Chairman of CSCA. It was the early days of Cornwall Cricket Board and I asked then Chairman of CCB if he would consider becoming CSCA Chairman. He agreed to take the helm on a temporary basis for ONE year.  He retired last year after 10 years of leading CSCA – so not such a temporary basis after all. During many of those years he led tours to South Africa and also West Indies.  We are very pleased to offer special thanks and happy retirement to NIGEL SANDERS.